Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's Not the President Who's "Unteachable"

Yesterday's Wall Street Journal had an edit page piece on "An Unteachable President." And the whole conservative commentariat chimed in too.

Yeah, the president is unteachable. Unreachable even. But that's not the point. President Obama is not an island entire of itself. He is exactly what the liberal ruling class wanted. First of all, black, so it can pat itself on the back for its evolvement and its fight against racism. But the whole constellation of President Obama's policies, from Obamacare to green energy to the response to the "rape crisis" in the universities, all of it is just what the liberal professor wanted from his willing student.

It is not President Obama who is unteachable. It is the whole liberal ruling class.

It is not just President Obama who wanted to ram Obamacare down America's throat, it's the whole liberal ruling class. They think that they are called to design and administer the whole US health care system, because fairness, and nothing is going to talk them out of it.

It is not just President Obama trying to ram green energy down our throats, it's the whole liberal ruling class. They think that the science is settled, the earth is going to fry, and they have a moral duty to manage the switch from dirty fossil fuels to clean renewable energy, and nothing is going to talk them out of it.

It is not just President Obama pushing the whole sexism, racism, homophobia agenda, it's the whole liberal ruling class. They think that racism is America's Original Sin, and they are called to atone for it--with your money and your life and your job. That's what the whole "victim culture" is all about. The world is full of victims, and the liberal ruling class is called to advocate for them.

It is obvious that nothing is going to educate the liberal ruling class, nothing except a rebellion.

A couple of early 20th century philosophers knew what had to be done in a case like this. Smokoe Joe of Brendan Chase and The Badger of The Wind in the Willows both understood that, with certain people, you can't teach them. You "learn 'em."

That is the situation we face with liberals. There is no way of teaching them. Why, they are supposed to be the teachers, the educated evolved ones. So we will have to "learn 'em." This is also known as learning the hard way when your fashionable theories collapse of their internal contradictions and you lose political power to the insurgents.

If you look back, we almost had liberals on the ropes in the 1980s. Liberals said in the late 1970s that in the complicated modern world America was ungovernable. So the inflation and recession and the failures of President Carter were facts of nature. Nothing can be done, as the song has it.

Then came President Reagan and proved them all wrong. And then WASPy President Bush succeeded him. Liberals made a tactical correction and pretended that they were New Democrats and that they agreed that "the era of big government is over." But they couldn't change their spots, didn't even want to. And so we got to President Obama and his "fundamental transformation." I wonder who taught him that catchphrase?

The good thing is that we can definitely experience the existential disquiet bubbling up in the great American middle class. They know that something is wrong.

But look, this is democracy. Just because the people think that something is wrong doesn't mean that help is on the way. We could elect a chucklehead for President who could compound the Obama liberal errors into a real disaster. All that the voters can do is vote for Four More Years or they can vote for Time for a Change. That is all.

The good news is that almost all the Republican candidates are proposing about the same agenda. That's not surprising. They all have pollsters, and they all have conservative intellectual policy analysts, and they all swim in the same water.

The bigger problem is how to change the culture. How to delegitimize the victim culture. How to up-vote bourgeois dignity, bourgeois equality, and bourgeois virtue and down-vote the sexual revolution, entitlements, and the victim culture of Julia the Government Girl, Pajama Boy, Mattress Girl, and Clock Boy.

It's the cultural agenda that troubles me. Because we have not yet begun to fight.

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