Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Expecting Too Much of the Beltway Republicans

I'm a little confused by the whole "cuckservative" meme, the idea that Beltway Republicans -- and their bribed neocons in the media -- have betrayed conservatives, Republicans, and the nation with their timid acquiescence to President Obama and the PC culture.

So therefore Donald Trump, who ain't afeered to tell it like it is.

I suppose that the angry Republican base, at this stage of the political cycle, has no target for our anger but our own politicians. And politics is about nothing if it is not about anger.

OK, let's think about politics as civil war by other means. The number one thing to remember about war is that you don't want to give battle unless you think you have a really good chance of winning. Otherwise you keep marching.

There are always hot-heads in any army that want to give battle, but the wise general usually denies their request, or sends them off to some inconsequential skirmish.

Anyway, what the hot-heads are really signalling is that they have the cojones to lead. As in Ted Cruz and his filibuster over Obamacare. As in Donald Trump going very un-PC. As in Scott Walker telling a union protester: "I am not intimidated by you."

(Really. What do those union protesters think they are doing? Scott Walker would probably pay to have his speeches disrupted by union thugs.)

The problem that Republicans have is that every time they stage a public confrontation with the Democrats the mainstream media lines up with the Democrats and make the Republicans look like the bad guys. As in government shutdowns. But, it turns out, the Republicans can do a lot of damage to the Democrats by operating below the radar. For instance, they can provoke a budget battle and cave on the headline issue while putting through tens of other issues. And they do. Because the public square only has the bandwidth for about one and a half issues at one time.

But it all happens below the radar.

And the other thing is that when you want to pass something big you don't want to do what the Obama Democrats have done and ram it down your opponents' throat. You want to stage a "bipartisan consensus" to make it look like everyone agrees with your reform. Otherwise you just gin up the opposition.

Of course today everything is up in the air. All we have are the egregious policies and naked illegalities of the Obama administration. How can we stand around and allow this to continue?

We stand around because we don't want to give battle and suffer a humiliating defeat.

There are, after all, two possible outcomes. One is that the Obama cramdowns will mostly stick, and become settled law. The other is that the next Republican administration will knock them all down and chart a new course for America.

My money goes on the idea that the Obama cramdowns will prove to be a strategic blunder that will set the stage for massive Republican reforms. That's based on my readings of the great political texts.

And don't forget that if the Republican base is pissed off the Democratic base must be just as pissed off. African-Americans were promised a new era, a Promised Land, with the election of the First Black President. Instead, nothing has changed. And I wonder what Hispanics are thinking right now.

And notice that while gentry liberals can put Bernie stickers on their Nissan Leafs, the Black Lives Matter is just a Soros AstroTurf outfit. Where is the actual candidate that is speaking to black frustrations? Hillary? Martin O'Malley? Elizabeth Warren? Please.

Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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