Friday, August 28, 2015

Uh Oh. Peggy Noonan Goes Trump

For years I've used Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan as a weathervane. When Peggy writes about something in her weekly Wall Street Journal column then it's just gone mainstream.

Today she's writing about Donald Trump and how Hispanics aren't offended by him. She talked to her friend Cesar after the first GOP debate and he told her about a Hispanic call-in show right after the debate.
More than half called in to say they were for Mr. Trump. Their praise, Cesar told me a few weeks ago, dumbfounded the hosts.
What about after Trump dissed Jorge Ramos? A majority of callers backed Trump. What is going on here? Aren't Hispanics supposed to be offended by Trump?
Cesar shook his head: No, you have it wrong. Immigrants, he said, don’t like illegal immigration, and they’re with Mr. Trump on anchor babies. “They are coming in from other countries to give birth to take advantage of the system. We are saying that! When you come to this country, you pledge loyalty to the country that opened the doors to help you.”
Makes sense to me. After all, if you've gone through all the horrible bureaucratic process to immigrate legally, you sure don't appreciate people that are crashing the line.

On the other side we have chaps like Sam Tanenhaus talking about the Jesse Jackson party that the Democrats have become. And then there's Howard Fineman. Talking about Joe Biden, who's from the old labor-union Democratic Party, he writes:
He’d also have to somehow reach out to a new version of the party that is out there waiting to be born. It is a yet-to-be-defined mashup of Black Lives Matter; pro-immigration activism; non-European cultural consciousness; tolerance of all religions, lifestyles and genders; genuine urgency about the fate of the planet; confidence in technology, social media and the sharing economy; and skepticism about America’s right, power and duty to lead the world.
Hmm. Richard Fernandez writes that Fineman's "vision of the Democratic Party hoping to be born is actually the one waiting to die." Come on, Howard. The Democrats have been doing the whole "progressive" thing since 1998 and the Clinton impeachment and the birth of The problem is that, given the decline in Democratic strength in legislatures all across the nation, it looks like the American people really don't like the Democratic Party "waiting to be born."

All I know is our Mexican mailman's family. He was a high-school dropout back in Mexico. One way or another he's got his whole family over here, legally. His two daughters are going to college here in Washington state. I don't think that his children will find much in common with Black Lives Matter, for a start.

Peggy writes that "America Is So in Play." That means, of course that the whole vision of the emerging Democratic majority is baloney. And you can see why. President Obama's divisive presidency has riled up the people that thought that race politics was over now that we had elected our First Black President. And now they want out.

The Democratic Party is an over-under coalition in which the People of the Creative Self angry up the People of the Subordinate Self to stay on the liberal plantation as clients of their liberal patrons and give power to the creative elite. This cunning plan founders on the fact that most subordinate, marginalized people want to get out of the liberal plantation, get a good job, buy a modest home, and live in the suburbs, and hope that their kids will do better than they did.

Sooner or later, most immigrants become the African American woman I profiled yesterday: Peggy Hubbard. They become People of the Responsible Self. That is why Democrats are so pro-immigration. They need a new supply of People of the Subordinate Self from pre-industrial nations to replace folks like Peggy Hubbard.

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