Wednesday, August 5, 2015

One Thing, Bob. Professors Like You are Part of the Ruling Class

If there were ever a mind-numbed liberal robot spewing liberal talking points without prompting, it would have to be Robert Reich, Labor Secretary in the Clinton Administration.

Now Reich is warning about "a revolt against the 'ruling class' of insiders that have dominated Washington for more than three decades." Says he:
What’s new is the degree of anger now focused on those who have had power over our economic and political system since the start of the 1980s.

Included are presidents and congressional leaders from both parties, along with their retinues of policy advisors, political strategists, and spin-doctors.

Most have remained in Washington even when not in power, as lobbyists, campaign consultants, go-to lawyers, financial bundlers, and power brokers.

The other half of the ruling class comprises the corporate executives, Wall Street chiefs, and multi-millionaires who have assisted and enabled these political leaders – and for whom the politicians have provided political favors in return.
Notice who doesn't get included in this tableau of the ruling class? It is the Cathedral, the cultural ruling class of professors and media that is probably more powerful that all the insiders and what-nots that Reich tags as the guys to blame.

Robert Reich is telling us that chaps like him, that write op-eds and pontificate as "Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy" at UCal Berkeley and formulate public policy as cabinet members, aren't really part of the problem.

Let us give Bob Reich the benefit of the doubt. I'll bet that it never occurred to him that he is a ruling-class member and part of the problem. My argument for that issues from his comical comparison of the Tea Party and the Occupy movement.
On the right are the wreckers. The Tea Party, which emerged soon after the Wall Street bailout, has been intent on stopping government in its tracks and overthrowing a ruling class it sees as rotten to the core.
OK. But wait!
On the left are the rebuilders. The Occupy movement, which also emerged from the Wall Street bailout, was intent on displacing the ruling class and rebuilding our political-economic system from the ground up.
Oh please! No-one but a purblind partisan could write two paragraphs like that.

If we want to differentiate between wreckers and rebuilders we'd have to pay some attention to the Great Enrichment under capitalism and limited government which has taken the world from $3 income per head per day to $120 per head per day in 200 years. I don't think that the Tea Party plans to do too much to that operation. But the Occupiers? "[R]ebuilding our political-economic system from the ground up" sounds suspiciously like the program of Lenin and Castro and Pol Pot. Would you call those chaps "rebuilders" or "wreckers?"

Just asking, Bob Reich, what with you being a member of the ruling class and the Cathedral and all.

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