Friday, August 7, 2015

Crude Insults to Women a Blow Against PC, Donald?

Back in the day, a gentleman never made crude comments about women. Because he just didn't.

Then came the Sexual Revolution and suddenly everyone was talking about sex.

But you know what? Women don't like talk about body parts. They didn't like it in the old days in the Age of Modesty and they don't like it now in the Age of the Hookup.

One of the reasons for the strength of Political Correctness is that something had to be done about the "let it all hang out" attitude of the Sixties. Oh, of course, the left exploits it mercilessly as part of their project to destroy bourgeois culture. But that's what they do: exploit anything to score a political point and name and shame the opposition.

The whole "rape culture" and "microaggression" game works because women really don't like the male culture of the public square. They don't like public knock-down drag out fights; they don't like public insults. Women prefer to fight at one remove, talking about people confidentially behind their backs. So if men won't curb their tongues and their hands out of a male code of honor then women will arise and write sexual harassment into law.

So when Donald Trump explains away his gratuitous insults to women with "I don't frankly have time for total political correctness" he is blowing smoke.

Gratuitous insults to women are bad behavior, in any culture. Period.

The man who insults women publically is not a sexist. He is just a boor.

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