Monday, August 10, 2015

#BlackLivesMatter Means More Race Politics

If you are sick to death of Donald Trump I have a proposition for you. Let's talk about Black Lives Matter instead. Did you know that Black Lives Matter is George Soros funded?

I get the problem. Blacks are disproportionately arrested by police. If you are black or liberal or both you figure this disproportion is a manifestation of institutional racism, and you want it to end. You demand that it end.

And now we read about a detention center in deep blue Chicago that visits horrible indignities on the 82% of its inmates that are black. How's that Blue Model working out for ya?

The problem is best illustrated by my American Thinker piece "Why Don't Liberals Care about Black-on-Black Killing" on Jill Leovy's book Ghettoside about murder in the black LA ghetto. Even as a card-carrying liberal, Leovy tells how hard it is to get witnesses to testify against gang members when they shoot and murder. The police are really frustrated that the folks in the ghetto won't testify against the gang members. So the police compensate by arresting young blacks for "broken windows" offences. The black community gets really frustrated by that.

But liberals like New York mayor Bill de Blasio really hate "broken windows" policing. They think it is racist. Only trouble is that "broken windows" policing lowered the crime rate in big cities wherever it was tried, big time. Murder in New York City peaked at 2,605 in 1990 and was then brought down to 648 in 2013 by police chiefs like Bill Bratton and mayors like Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg.

Now, under liberal Bill de Blasio, crime is up. Why? Because liberals are harassing the police for harassing the hoodlums, and so the police aren't keeping the hoodlums off the street.

But yesterday, on the anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown, police in Ferguson, Missouri shot a black man they say was shooting at them.

So, if Black Lives Matter, what do we do? Do we clamp down on the police and tell them to stop harassing young black men for street misdemeanors? Or do we double down on "broken windows" policing?

The truth is that, ever since the start of the Industrial Revolution, there has been a vicious circle about the oppression of the lower class in the city. On the one hand, the new immigrants to the city tend to be unskilled and more violent than seasoned city dwellers. So they are low paid and discriminated against by employers. On the other hand, the violent young men provoke demands for a police crackdown on hoodlums, and the crackdown is used by radical activists to mobilize the lower class for marching and protesting.

My solution is to help the lower class socialize to the ways of the city and the market economy. Then they will all become boring middle-class jobholders and householders. But there are always radical organizers that believe the problem is injustice. And there are always marginal young men drawn to the excitement of the dawn raid.

Last weekend we saw the disruption of a Bernie Sanders rally by Black Lives Matter protesters. Does that mean that the Democratic Party will be pushed left by a new outbreak of radicalism?

But the last time we had a lot of black protest was back in 1967-68, and we know how that turned out for the Democrats.

One fine day America's blacks will all be boringly bourgeois and working and married-with-children, and we will be worrying about something else.

But that time is not yet.

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