Monday, August 3, 2015

Do Liberals Know Their Slip is Showing?

Over the years, in numerous "national conversations" liberals have stated over and over again that they, liberals, are the educated ones, the evolved ones, the ethical ones. And conservatives are just patriarchal bullies, and probably racists, sexists and homophobes for disagreeing with them.

So it was in the great Nixon impeachment drama. Oh, the outrage of the president's men burgling the offices of the Democratic National Committee. Oh, the injustice of using the FBI to spy on the president's enemies! Oh, the venality of trying to get the IRS to audit the president's political enemies! Oh, the disgrace of the president's lies! Everyone that had half a thought in their brain knew what to think of all that. The president had to go.

Remember Iran-Contra? Where aides in the White House took money from arms delivered to Iran in defiance of an embargo and gave the money to the Contra rebels in Nicaragua. Oh, the outrage!

But then we got to the Clinton administration and somehow the mainstream media was not as outraged by Clinton scandals as Nixon and Reagan scandals. Under Nixon and Reagan, administration lies had been the worst of the worst. Under Clinton, everyone lied about sex. In 1991 everyone had been outraged about alleged smutty talk by Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. In 1998, everyone was allowed one free grope.

In the Bush era, we got to be outraged again. By the "lies" told to the UN to justify the invasion of Iraq.  And Scooter Libby. What exactly did Libby do that deserved a federal prosecution? Never mind: he worked for Vice-President Cheney.

Now we have the Obama era, featuring the monstrous lie that "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." Followed by flagrant administrative rewriting of the Affordable Care Act on the fly. Followed by the IRS targeting Tea Party groups. Followed by Hillary Clinton conducting official business with a private email server.

And what do we hear from the mainstream media? Crickets.

Now we have the Planned Parenthood videos where Planned Parenthood officials or their contractors are shown by undercover videos to be bargaining over the sale of fetal organs.

And what do we get from the Cathedral? We get an Obama judge placing prior restraint on the Center for Medical Progress activist group enjoining them from publishing future videos featuring StemExpress employees. We get calls for a Justice Department investigation -- of The Center for Medical Progress! Imagine that happening to a liberal group.

Now my Greek philosopher friend, George Maroutsos has always said: You don't have power unless you abuse it. Otherwise, you just have responsibility. So abuse goes with power like ham and eggs.

But the point of government under law is that abuses don't just go with the territory. There is recourse under law. Flagrant abuses of power get punished.

And the reason for this is simple. All government is force, and all government is experienced by the "out" party as injustice. If the abuse of power is too egregious then people in the "out" party start to mutter under their breaths. If the abuse continues then they start to get angry. If the abuse continues some more then they start to organize.

I don't think my liberal friends have a clue just how much rage they are stirring up with their abuses of power. You can understand why. Every ruling class imagines itself the acme of virtue. If today the elite doesn't think itself chosen by God it certainly thinks it has been chosen by History. So it thinks of its abuses of power as little things, the inevitable shortcuts you have to make to get things done in the name of progress.

But the "out" party doesn't think that way. Liberals certainly don't think that when they are in opposition. And so, in due course, you get the formation of a head of opposition. You might even get the formation of a head of rebellion.

The whole point of government under law, with the rulers actually obeying the law on email correspondence, Hillary Clinton, is to redress the grievances before it is too late.

And that is something that our liberal friends are going to have to learn the hard way, when things have got way past the embarrassment of someone's slip showing.

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