Friday, August 14, 2015

Can You Blame Women for Pushing Back Against Hookups?

All good conservatives are opposed to the college campaign against "rape culture." Inspired by a "Dear Colleague" letter from the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights, the nation's college campi have now become a due-process-free zone as college administrators harass college men for failing to observe the new liberal rules of "yes means yes" where sexual relations are concerned.

But then I read this click-bait article in Vanity Fair, "Tinder and the Dawn of the 'Dating Apocalypse" by Justin Bishop, about young millennial professionals hooking up in New York City using Tinder and similar social media tools.

It is, as they say, a meat market out there, and the girls don't like it.

Now it is my experience with women that when they don't like something they "share" with their friends and then they get angry about it, and then they find manipulative ways of getting back at the source of the anger.

Call me sexist if you like.

It is clear from Justin Bishop's article that Tinder and the other hookup apps play directly into the male lust for the hunt. And it seems that girls have to play along, because. Well, because women always play along.

But then the girls go back to their apartments and their dorms and their sororities, whatever, and they talk and text with their friends. Or they run into an activist from the Womens Studies department.

And this gives the angry young girl, whether a "Jackie", a Mattress Girl, or just a nobody Jane Doe, a way to do something about the nameless anger she is feeling on account of being treated like a piece of meat.

And really, who can blame her? All young women carry within them the very fount of human life, the most precious thing that humans possess. And yet these days young women are treated like sexual prey, courtesy of smartphones and smartphone apps, and are led to believe that unless they submit to this oppression they won't ever get a man. Or be popular. Or something.

Now a sensible person would say that maybe the recreational sex meme of the sexual revolution is a big part of the problem. Sex is serious, dead serious, and the rituals and culture around sex lies at the very center of any human culture. You mess with sex and you mess with the very center of human existence.

A sensible person would say that if you throw off all the rules around sex that the ensuing chaos will demand new rules. And it is telling that the new rules now being enforced on campus essentially say that a young woman cannot be considered a responsible actor where sex is concerned. She must be protected by older and wiser people and shielded from the consequences of imprudence or a desire to be nice. Which is exactly what the old rules under the evil old patriarchy said.

So maybe every human society ends up with some sort of culture of female innocence and modesty. Because in every human society young unmated women and women with children really do need protection from male predation.

Ya think?

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