Thursday, May 18, 2017

Is Trump Toast Yet?

To understand how the frenzy over the Comey Memo could provoke a 370 point decline in the Dow Jones Industrial Index on May 17, consider this by a liberal, Damon Linker, bemoaning the sickness of an America that elected "to deliver the presidency to a man of uncommon ignorance and sociopathological malevolence."
Every day Donald Trump shreds the rule of law in novel ways — by lying constantly and continuously, by bringing corruption into the highest levels of the executive branch, by expressing contempt for and defying ordinary norms of democratic governance, by refusing to hire people to staff the federal government. And every day, the president's own party makes it worse by ignoring or making excuses for the transgressions.
Oh please! Gag me with a spoon, as we used to say. You'd think the fellow was describing the Obama administration. Lying? As in "If you like your plan you can keep your plan?" Corruption? As is hiring Hillary Clinton? As in condoning the lovely Lois Lerner and her war on Tea Party groups in the months before the 2012 election? Contempt for ordinary norms of democratic governance? As in Rule by Phone and Pen and middle-of-the-night regulations? What planet are you on, Mr. Linker?

Somehow there is never a need for a special prosecutor in a Democratic administration. Why is that? Is it something in the Constitution?

But back to the important stuff. Is Trump finished? Will he be impeached next week? What we have seen this week is Democrats turning on a dime from calling for James Comey's scalp to expressing their shock, shock, that President Trump might put in a word for Gen. Flynn, a man who seems to have been grievously and unjustly treated by the Deep State's campaign to discredit President Trump.

Honestly, I don't know. But I will tell you this. I was talking to a young skull full of mush yesterday and he didn't like hearing the argument of Charles Murray that the US is turning into a society segregated by IQ, in which the top 25 percent is doing fine, the middle 40 percent only so so, and in the bottom 35 percent the men don't work much and the women don't marry much. That's just for white people. No clue about how the Murray Doctrine applies to minorities.

So I assume that the argument that liberal politics has segregated the nation by IQ is a powerful argument that pierces liberal conceit at its very heart. After all liberals think, they know, that their welfare state is an engine of equality and justice that is helping marginalized communities, only more programs are needed. It cannot be, it just cannot be that liberal politics is having the opposite effect, marginalizing the low paid, the low IQ and throwing them on the dust-heap of history right there with the white working class.

Yes, but what about Trump? Honestly, I don't know. Obviously liberals are using everything they can to angry up their base which was caught completely with sails aback last November. But there is a problem. If liberals angry up their base they might end by angrying up the Republican base. And really, is the angry-up strategy working? After eight years of angry-up politics we have the most Republican Congress and state legislatures since the 1920s.

Before we assume that Trump is finished we'd better understand why all the protests and the accusations and the marchin' and resistin' failed to deliver a Democratic Congress and a Democratic President.

Maybe it's because Democrats ended up believing their own press releases that the future belonged to an Emerging Democratic Majority of women, minorities, the educated and the youth. Maybe that's why Hillary Clinton didn't bother to contest the Rust Belt states of Michigan and Wisconsin.

What I do know is that liberals have no clue how much trouble their top-down administrative state is in. My young skull full of mush was a bit shocked when I explained that any administrative system is like an army. It is designed to implement the strategy of the guys at the top and the kids at the bottom in the firing line are just cannon fodder. As in: System is Domination.

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