Friday, May 26, 2017

Why It Has Come to the Spit-Viper Left

What is it about the world that Russell  K.Nieli calls the Spit-Viper Left? Todd Gitlin, he writes, thinks that the left
may subconsciously feel that reason and argument are no longer on its side. Free speech, a fruitful exchange of ideas, mutual intellectual enrichment — these are not its modus operandi. And those among the most illiberal segments of the Left on college campuses often attract to their protests even more radical and more illiberal supporters from beyond the university, who bring with them a love of violence, confrontation and disruption.
Not to mention lovely money from dear old George Soros.

Well, that's not my line.

My line is that the left is running out of victims for whom it can justify its eternal lust for revolution.

As I say, you have to understand that the left is rich kids looking for a reason to riot. All young men like an excuse to riot, but rich kids need something higher and nobler than simple street riots. That's because they are high-class, not yobbos and deplorables; they have to dress up their adolescent rage in haute couture. No J.C. Penney for them.

But the rest of us can be forgiven for humming the refrain of Elvis Presleyś "Hound Dog."
Well they said you was high classedWell, that was just a lie.
Kids looking for a fight are just kids looking for a fight.

But we have to admire the genius of rich kids Marx, son of a prominent lawyer, and Engels, son of a textile manufacturer. They would gin up the best excuse for a riot ever, and lead the downtrodden workers in their existential battle against the cruel capitalists and the bumptious bourgeoisie that were keeping the people down. The workers were outside the system, without a vote, and Marx and Engels would lead them in a revolution against the power of money and exploitation.

Only the bourgeoisie and the capitalists were not that interested in power, in keeping people down. So when the workers presented their grievances the bourgeoisie realized that, even if the workers would use their numbers to despoil the property owners, it was unjust to keep the workers outside the system.

But if the workers were now inside the system, what price revolution and the intoxication of riot and mayhem for the next generation of lefty activists?

That was the genius of the Frankfurt School and its leading lights, Max Horkheimer and Ted Adorno, sons of rich businessmen, after World War I. These two invented our modern identity politics. They switched the strategic direction of leftist politics from working-class revolution to sexual and racial revolution.

But again, the bourgeoisie was not that interested in power. It understood and respected the claims of women and minorities, and gave them the vote. Hey, and even Affirmative Action and quotas.

And what about gays? Hey, give them gay marriage, said the judges.

Do you see the problem? The whole program of the left is that there has to be brutal exploitation and oppression and the only way to fight it is with resistance and protest. But what is the point if the normals keep conceding the legitimate grievances of the marginalized outside the system?

Good point and if the bourgeoisie has such a record of fairly and generously conceding the legitimate grievances of the marginalized then what exactly is the point of or the need for revolution?

For now, in 2017, we are down to the bottom of the barrel. Who is the left advocating for today? It is advocating for illegal immigrants, insisting that no human is illegal, and for Muslims who want nothing more than to kill little children at rock concerts and make sex-slaves of white working class girls.

If I were a lefty, I would be getting a bit panicky. I would be forbidding anyone from uttering a discouraging word at my lefty university and I would be reinventing the KKK to patrol the borders of the university and keep the racist, sexist, homophobe haters out. And as for the people pushing back against Muslim terror? Why, I would call them evil Islamophobes.

Hey, for once, the left is right. The people resisting Muslim terror really do have a phobia, i.e., a fear, of Islam. Yay lefties! For once you have got it right. Although I would hardly think Islamophobia is a disease, but just a healthy instinct for self-protection.

Now I am a normal kind of person, although a wee bit of a lone wolf. So I can look at a situation in a normal kind of way and respond to it, sensibly and normally. But imagine if I were a lefty.

Exactly. I would be as angry as a Spit Viper. Whatever that is.

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