Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Is Trump Crazy or Crazy Like a Fox

Suppose you were President of the United States and you had a ton of things you wanted to do. What would be the best way to achieve this?

Would you decide to bring each item up, one by one, so there could be a full and fair Discussion of the Issues? Or would you decide that a better strategy would be to ram all the issues through in the dead of night while the media artillery barrage was blasting to smithereens the Russia connection or the Comey firing or the Trump leaking of sensitive intelligence to the Russians?

Honestly, I don't know. My Man Kevin D. Williamson writes that it is one thing to run a nice little family business with your kids, but another thing to sit astride a monster bureaucracy like the federal government.

On the other hand, the whole point of a gigantic bureaucracy, of which the modern armed forces are the gold standard, is for the commander-in-chief to concentrate on grand strategy and let the lower ranks, the army group commanders, the general staffs, and so on down, concentrate on the details of strategy, operations, and tactics. And, of course, all those lower ranks are expendable, particularly the twentysomethings doing the actual fighting.

The point is that there is only enough bandwidth for one-and-a-half-issues to come before the American people at one time. That is what happens during election campaigns, and that is what happens in the day-to-day reporting of " issues." And since the mainstream media are all liberals down to the last lesbian activist, the only thing that gets discussed is the liberal "take" on the issue of the day.

On the other hand it is also true that the President of the United States is supposed to embody the calm and overwhelming power of the United States. So there is supposed to be something majestic about him, about his presentation, about his gravitas. There should not be any suggestion of feet of clay, that the whole thing could come tumbling down what with the unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare and all.

However, the fact is that the Republicans' Big Problem for the last 50 years has been that they are always in the position of having to apologize. It used to be they had to apologize for being the party of big business. Now every Republican goes around in mortal fear of being branded a racist, sexist, homophobe. At some point, some Republican politician had to break out of this glass cage, and just blow through the vile high-school-girl accusations of not being cool enough.

I'd say the reason that Donald Trump got nominated and elected is because he was and is the closest thing to a politician that could blast through the Maginot Line of political correctness and tell the SJWs to put it where the sun don't shine.

Maybe the Sturm und Drang is all chaos and stupidity on the part of the president. Maybe it will bring him down and ruin his presidency. Maybe it will prevent him from getting Trumpcare and tax cuts from passage.

Maybe. But we know that the history of Republicans hiding in bunkers to avoid the incoming rounds from the Democrat partisans ably assisted by their willing partisans in the media wasn't working. Someone had to take the battle to the Democrats, and Trump is the one leading the charge.

Whether we like it or not Trump is what we got. Trumpism may end up in red ruin as soon as 2018, or it may go for eight years until the next Democrat comes in on a change election. But the Trump approach is what we asked for, and that is what we got.

The bigger question is how to get out of our cultural bunker, where anything you say that isn't the latest approved liberal line gets you kicked out of your job and send to Outer Slobbovia.

Any ideas?

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