Tuesday, May 23, 2017

When Will The Ruling Class Cry "Uncle" On Islam

Our beloved Mark Steyn today satirizes the establishment instructions after the Manchester bombing by invoking the naughty "Carry On" movies. Keep Calm and Carry On, the WWII posters used to say, and the Carry On movies made a joke of it for about twenty years.

And that is what the establishment proposes after the Manchester killings.

That's because, I suppose, the ruling class thinks that while it is OK to angry-up blacks and feminists and gays and ordinary liberal college graduates against the Deplorables and the irredeemables, there is one thing that is not allowed! Not to be endured! And that is for the ordinary white middle class and the remainder-of-the-day white working class to get angried-up.

Because that would be fascism.

What is going on here?

It is simple. After World War II the wise and the evolved elite decided "never again." They would create a politics that would never descend into extreme nationalism and fascism.

The obvious solution was that the lesser lights would be excluded from national and international politics. Only the educated and the evolved need apply. This would prevent the outbreak of aggressive nationalism and populist leaders like Mussolini and Hitler.

But, as I have said before, this completely misunderstands the rise of Mussolini and Hitler.

That is because, as I say, Trump is the idiot you get when the usual idiots have screwed up.

As in the Great Depression.

Here is my analysis of how we got to fascism in the 1930s. First of all, there was World War I. This was a gigantic mistake of the powers-that-be who hadn't really thought through that there was no point in Germany defeating France and France defeating Germany. For what? Money-losing colonies in Africa?

After World War I the Allies decided to make Germany pay. Fine, but that unbalanced the international financial system and led to loans to the Germans so they could pay their reparations. And then Winston Churchill and others felt that the UK had a moral obligation to return sterling to the pre-war parity against gold. That led to deflation.

Then we had the fairly new US Federal Reserve System stumbling and bumbling around: first it was expansionary, then in the bubble of 1928 it turned contractionary and let the whole financial system collapse after the Crash of 1929. Because bureaucratic stupidity.

When you have the governing class idiots stumbling and bumbling like that, you tend to get populist leaders that offer extravagant promises to get out of the mess that the ruling-class stumblers and bumblers have created. Sorry about that. It has something to do with rats trapped in a maze.

Today the problem we are facing across the West is that the ruling class decided it would be a good and noble idea to allow immigration of non-white peoples into the predominantly white European first world.

In part, I suspect, this impulse was a judgement that eventually the whole world would get mixed together, and partly a conceit that the educated and evolved had a duty to help and educate the marginalized peoples of the world. And in part, I suspect, the impulse was a response to the empty wombs of educated first-world women. If first-world women weren't having babies, then we would need to import women that would have babies and provide the workers to pay the taxes to fund the west's bankrupt pension and health-care entitlements.

Anyway, it is obvious that the judgments of the ruling class have been wrong, in various and numerous ways.

And it is obvious that we are going to have a smash-up sooner or later in which the average voters look for a new ruling class that will attend to their needs rather than tell them to keep calm and carry on.

Notice how the needs of the average voter conflict with the politics of the left. The left, since 1840ish, has been a political movement dedicated  to representing those people that are presently outside the system. First it was the workers, that in 1840 did not have the vote. Then it was women, then minorities. Now it is illegal immigrants and Muslims.

The reason that the left keeps finding a new group outside the system to represent is that it justifies the left's primary approach to society, which is that political force is the only option. There must be some issue, must be some group that requires educated young men and women to issue manifestos and non-negotiable demands and Occupy Wall Street and demand a resort to force and a new administrative government program.

My judgment is that this political philosophy is dead wrong. It is wrong because in the modern age it is seldom necessary to use force to solve social problems. The whole logic of the market system (which is not a system but an emergent phenomenon) is that anything is possible at a price. Even if you are excluded, and outside the system, you can still participate; it is just that you will suffer a certain amount of disadvantage. This might be if you are a Muslim that wants to pray five times a day in a workplace where nobody else does that. Or it might be if you were a conservative Christian working in a liberal media conglomerate. In either case, the Muslim or the Christian are going to have  to keep a buttoned lip.

We could have solved all issues these decades ago, but for the pride and idiocy of our ruling class, and the longer we wait to do something about it, the more gruesome the solution will be.

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