Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My Take on the Comey Firing

If you want fun and games about President Trump firing FBI Director James Comey, go and read Mark Steyn. When it comes to searing political wit, Mark can't be beat.

But here is my take.

When Hillary Clinton decides to get her a home-brew email server and conduct the business of the Secretary of State on it, that is a problem.

It is not so much that it is illegal. It is not so much that it is the kind of action that would put the average federal worker or member of the armed services in jail. It is not so much that the whole episode shows that there is one law for ordinary people and Republicans like Scooter Libby and another law for the Clintons.

It is not that, from my understanding, any federal worker would go to jail just for copying some stuff onto a memory stick. It is not just that Gen. Petraeus got stuck with a big fine for allowing his mistress to see classified information.

No, for me it goes beyond that. Maybe I understand because I am a computer guy and I understand how much I don't understand about computer security and hacking.

The point is that if I were in Hillary Clinton's position I would never depart from security protocols, particularly where transmission of electronic messages was concerned.

I would think, based on my knowledge of computers and governments that probably the government's security protocols were woefully inadequate and out of date. But, I would think, nothing could be more stupid than to take my official correspondence off-line onto an unsecure private server.

I mean to say that, in my view, setting up a private email server on which official secrets might be stored is so egregiously foolish that the fool that did it should never serve in an official capacity. It shows an error of judgement so big that it brings into question the capacity of that person to make a sensible decision about anything.

Now I understand that Hillary Clinton is old and sick. And I assume, from the nods and winks, that she is an alcoholic. But she is not the only person in the ruling class. Surely there is someone in the ruling class with the wit and the cojones to say: this private email server thing is so stupid that it is going to lose us the next election. Get this woman outta here.

Now we know the story of the email controversy between the lines, and the impossible position that James Comey was placed in. He knew that Clinton had monstrously violated the law, and monstrously exposed classified information. But he also knew that if he didn't go public that the whole affair would never see the light of day because the Obama Justice Department would never issue an indictment.

So when Comey went public on the server issue back in July he was probably starting on a path that he knew would lead to his political immolation. But what was he to do? Pass the information to the Justice Department and wait for nothing to happen? And then resign? When would he do that? Most likely the Obamis in the Justice Department would fiddle around until after the election, so there would not be a decision over which he could resign -- before the election.

There have been many complaints about the Clintons and their corruption down the years, and how they get away with everything, because their supporters say things like "one free grope" in the decade when sexual harassment in the workplace became a Thing. Or they prevaricate about the facts on Hillary Clinton's email server, because First Woman President, or something.

I suspect that in the end, God is not mocked. There are plenty of Americans that are disgusted with Clinton corruption, and in the end the Clinton corruption bit the Clintons and the Democrats in the backside.

That is why honesty is the best policy, for a person and for a political party.

But now we need to make a new start. We need an FBI that goes by the rules, and we need a Justice Department that upholds the law. And those are two things that manifestly did not happen in the Obama administration.

It's not surprising. The whole point about being a ruling class is that you get to make the rules. But we bourgeois, we middle class people, we People of the Responsible Self, we believe that we should hold powerful people to account. If we don't we get people like the Clintons and political parties like the Democrats, and that is not good.

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