Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Wages of Narrative

As I was traveling from Seattle to Fort Lauderdale yesterday I saw (but fortunately did not hear) on CNN the sainted Hillary Clinton in an interview. The chyron said that she was now considered herself part of the "Resistance."

Oh please!

Actually, I suppose it makes a grim sort of sense -- and I do not mean in the sense that everything about Hillary Clinton is grim.

We have reached a moment when the idea of "narrative," the precipitate of the left's misreading of modern philosophy, is not just everything, it's the only thing.

The point of modern philosophy issues from the realization that you cannot put your finger on the really real. It starts with Descartes trying to doubt everything, continues with Hume showing that you cannot prove cause and effect, and continues with Kant and his realization that it is the mind that constructs an image of reality, a theory of the world, through the sense impressions it processes.

Then the left extended the idea from philosophy to politics, and declared that, always and everywhere, the powerful construct a false theory of the world to justify their unjust rule.

The left was right about that. Of course the ruling class tells lies to justify its rule and to bathe in a comfortable story of how it got to rule.

Today we have a world in which the left is the ruling class. It is the left's lies that justify the ruling class and its right to rule. Now the left's narrative of resistance has become the ruling class's narrative of power.

In that narrative an avant-garde of educated, evolved elitists advocate for and protect traditionally marginalized peoples from the hegemony and exploitation and oppression of privileged white males, and that justifies their political power and hegemony.

You can't argue with success. That narrative got the cadre of educated, evolved elitists all the way from the comfort of a privileged childhood to ideological hegemony and political mastery. Even though most of these elitists are educated white males or educated white females born to privilege and numerous connections to the powerful.

Right now the ruling class feels rocked back on its heels because a political neophyte beat their candidate in a normal "change" election. And now they must form a "Resistance" against the fascist power that oppresses them. What planet are they on?

First, liberals and lefties are the ruling class; it is their self-serving narrative that is the water that all we fish must swim in. So liberals and lefties should realize that many of us would find the taste of that water foul and unhealthy and determine to change the water.

Second, the most normal thing in the world is for voters to change party after two terms with the same president.

Third, all government is a train wreck. That's why rulers pay bribed apologists to construct a narrative that makes it all out to be a glorious victory. Unfortunately even with the best apologists in the world it becomes harder and harder as time goes by to persuade people with the fiction that all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds. 

Fourth, all government is force. People on the receiving end of force, whether black homeboys in the 'hood chased around by racist policemen or conservative student journalists in a liberal university, really hate it.

Fifth, the central argument of the left, that capitalists and the bourgeoisie and white men in general are monstrous oppressors like the feudal barons of old, is a lie. Simply put, the capitalists and the bourgeoisie and white men in general are not that interested in power. What do capitalists do? They retire and devote themselves to philanthropy. What does the bourgeoisie do? It gives workers the vote. What do white men do? They feel guilty about the race and gender crimes that the left scrapes up to intimidate them and give women and minorities affirmative action and welfare.

Sixth, and perhaps most important, is that power and force are not that important any more. The simplest illustration is the fall in violent human death, from 500 per 100,000 per year in hunter-gatherer society to 50 per 100,000 per year in agricultural society to 5 per 100,000 per year in capitalist society. Why did this happen. I simply believe that less force is needed today that in former times.

We live in a society where price and trade are lubricants that reduce the need for force. 

But the left is a movement that insists that, on the contrary, more force is needed. We tried that, in the Soviet Union and in China, and it led to mass murder and mass poverty. It is leading to mass murder and poverty in Venezuela today.

Why can't the left see that? It is because in their world narrative is everything. It is the narrative of inevitable victory that sustains an army through trial and setback, and that every army commander knows how to sustain. And it is the simple philosophy of the worker Nicholas Higgins in Mrs. Gaskell's North and South. For him the only remedy for workers like him is to fight the bosses.

And so the dullest woman in America reminds the world why she should never be president, by assuring us that she is down with the "Resistance."

We know, we have always known, that Hillary Clinton just does not get it.

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