Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Can Anyone Stop Identity Politics?

Back in the 1960s liberals knew that the New Left and the New Politics was going to fundamentally transform America.

But ordinary Americans looked at the riots and the protests and voted for Richard Nixon. Twice.

So liberals cooked up a case against Nixon and shamed him out of office in 1974.

But then ordinary Americans came back and elected Ronald Reagan six years later.

Let's look at this straight up. Back then white working class Americans looked at the new liberal politics and they didn't like it. Just like today.

Back then white working class Americans didn't like the idea that white working class Americans were going to be the ones paying for Affirmative Action and quotas with their jobs. And their children were going to have to pay for the wonders of school busing with their education.

In 1992 Bill Clinton squared the circle by making like he was one of the guys. And so he pulled the white working class away from the Republicans. And then the white working class voted for Barack Obama.

Maybe, like many of us, the white working class thought that by voting for Obama they would put to rest the race politics that had been aimed like an arrow at their livelihoods and their culture, and sneered at them as All in the Family sneered at Archie Bunker.

But they were wrong. Race politics is who liberals are. They need race politics to get their 90 percent of the black vote and they need gender politics to get their 80 percent of the gay vote or the 62 percent of the single women vote.

Of course liberals think they are really smart, and that they can control their supporters, so that if identity politics really became a problem and threatened America they could turn it off and still lead hyphenated America on to sunlit uplands.

But Lee Kuan Yew, long-time Prime Minister of Singapore has written that in a multiracial society, people vote by race. That's from Samuel L. Huntington's Clash of Civilizations. So here is how people vote in Mississippi, according to local columnist Bobby Harrison.
What continues to be a little odd about voting in Mississippi is that the state has the nation’s highest percentage of African American voters, who almost always vote Democratic while white Mississippians vote Republican by high margins.
 You don't say. According to Steve Sailer Mississippi whites voted 88 percent for Romney in 2012.

I fear that we educated middle-class people are living in a fool's paradise. We have convinced ourselves that we are tolerant and non-racist and that we can live in harmony with others different from ourselves.

But in fact, of course, we live next to people exactly like ourselves: educated upper-income people that define ourselves by our education and our profession and our cultural sophistication and our tolerance.

Very nice. But suppose that our neighborhood started to decline and that immigrants started to move in and crime started to go up. What then?

The answer is simple. We would move. Because we can afford to. So for us to preach tolerance and inclusion and diversity is just fine, because we could always get out if the going got tough.

For the folks lower down the income scale things are not so copacetic, because their jobs are not so secure, their options are not as broad, and their finances are not robust enough to take the hit of moving out. There is a reason why they adhere to notions of tribal and racial identity. Because that is how humans have defended themselves from the invaders since time immemorial. And right now they feel themselves under attack.

Like I say. The best way to unite a divided people is to take them to war. That's how the US united the divided immigrants of 1900. The ruling class sent their children to war in 1941.

But what sort of a war could the ruling class gin up today to unite the immigrants of 1990? The War on Terror didn't do it. If anything it divided the nation.

So you tell me. What kind of a war would unite all the factions of the ruling class so that nobody checked out half way through?

Frankly, my dear, I have no idea.

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