Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Unpacking the Steve Bannon Flap

What should we make of the sudden liberal "concern" about Steve Bannon, who was chief executive of the Trump campaign in the last three months leading up to the election, and has now been appointed "chief strategist and senior counselor" to the president-elect? Before taking up with Trump he headed up Breitbart, the alt-news on-line media engine that was 1000% for Trump.

The answer is that liberals think they can play the race card on Bannon. Because he has not thoroughly rejected the alt-right, who we all know are racists, sexists, homophobes and Nazis. Here is the New York Times piece.

Unfortunately, many of the people defending Steve Bannon are pretending to be shocked that gambling goes on in Steve's Cafe. Alt-right, they seem to ask? Never heard of it.

Of course they know about the alt-right. Of course they know that the alt-right is looking at a white identity politics as the natural reaction to everything-else identity politics. Of course they know that the alt-right has unkind things to say about Jews.

So I think that the Bannon apologists are missing a shot when they insist there is nobody here but us chickens.

The way to proceed is to turn the tables on the liberals. To ask liberals what they expected after 50 years of liberal race politics? To quote Lee Kuan Yew that in a multi-racial society people vote by race. So say that liberals are intellectual terrorists for calling anyone that disagrees with them by some pejorative.

They should offer liberals a deal: you stop harboring black racists like Black Lives Matter and Hispanic racists like La Raza and the feminist man-haters and the gay hetero-haters and we'll get tough on our uglies too.

The amazing thing is that white identity politics hasn't been a big thing already. You would think that middle and lower-class whites would have twigged long ago that the race and gender politics of the Democratic Party is like a gun pointed at their jobs and their families, and that they would have left the Democratic Party decades ago and made the Republican Party into the white party.

But the interesting thing is that the white working class in the states that won the election for Trump -- Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania -- all voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. So they can't be racists, can they. Sexists, maybe. Or maybe they thought that if they voted for a black president then the race politics of the last half century would go away and leave them in peace.

The point is that Donald Trump got nominated and elected as least in part because he pushed back against the intellectual terrorism of political correctness. And Steve Bannon was a part of that process.

So of course liberals want Bannon banished to Outer Slobbovia. They don't want their little gravy train of poisonous race and gender identity politics to end, because what would liberals do then, poor things?

Liberals really shouldn't want to provoke working class whites into voting by race. Whites are 70 percent of the electorate and if they started voting 90 percent for the GOP candidate like blacks vote 90 percent for the Democrat it wouldn't be pretty.

Anyway, the Republican Party is simply the home of Americans that the Democratic Party doesn't want. Democrats decided that white Southerners were racists, so the white South decided to become Republicans. Democrats decided that enthusiastic Christians were bigots, so the Christians decided to become Republicans. Now Democrats have decided that the white working class are all racists, not to mention deplorables and bitter clingers, so the white working class has broken down the doors to the Republican Party and is helping itself to the smorgasbord.

I wonder which group will be next to anathematized by the Democrats? My bet is on the Jews, still voting 70 percent Democrat.

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