Thursday, November 10, 2016

No, New Yorker, YOU are the American Tragedy

My text today is from The New Yorker reacting to the election of Donald Trump. David Remnick writes:
The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency is nothing less than a tragedy for the American republic, a tragedy for the Constitution, and a triumph for the forces, at home and abroad, of nativism, authoritarianism, misogyny, and racism.
Hello? "American republic?" I thought you chaps believed in democracy, not the republic of laws and limited government set up by the Founders. What's with the sudden concern for the "republic?"

"Tragedy for the Constitution?" I thought you chaps believed in a living constitution, after the original Progressives, that the Constitution should be updated according to the will of Supreme Court justices who would just happen to be malleable creatures of the educated ruling class. You know the drill: finding penumbras under which favorite liberal issues just happen to be hiding.

"Nativism?" Well you got me there. As an immigrant American I am all in favor of limiting immigration to keep the culture of Americanism strong and undiluted by country folk that still think like peasants and nomads. Although it certainly wouldn't hurt for all those liberals to leave the country as they promised.

"Authoritarianism?" Well, I see your point. Donald Trump might do a few things you don't like. But if we are talking about authoritarianism, how about the presidency of Barack Obama, with its executive actions, its egregious use of administrative and regulatory ukase, its abuse of the IRS to punish conservatives, its corruption of the FBI and the Justice Department to give Hillary Clinton a pass, and the cram-down folly of Obamacare?

"Misogyny and racism?" The thing I love most about liberals is their utter blindness to their own anti-woman and ugly racist politics. The Great Society welfare state has been a disaster for lower-class women who are treated as disposable one-night stands and are reduced to marrying the state. Oh, but they can kill their babies any time they want. But Trump is a misogynist.

And racism! Do you not understand, Mr. Remnick, that the whole point of modern liberal identity politics is to hive off tribal groups into their silos and keep them there? To keep blacks voting 90 percent for Democrats, and women voting for Uncle Sugar? I have been reading today about a poor helpless Hillary voter going to work at the Pentagon and seeing nothing but men and being frightened. Golly, I wonder where she got the idea to be frightened! My line on this is that you can't get 90 percent of a group to vote for anything unless you frighten the pants off them. Well played, Dems and media. You got you base well and truly frightened. But that is what the Democratic race and gender politics is all about. Frightening people so they can be used as pawns for liberal power politics.

I don't know if Donald Trump will turn out to be a half decent president or a continuation in the line of failed presidents. But I do know this. Our liberal ruling class is a disaster.

And the disaster really issues from the lies that the ruling class tells itself and its supporters.

And that is an American tragedy.

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