Monday, November 7, 2016

Da Fix is In!

The problem with the ruling class giving itself a pass, as in the classified emails and private server of Hillary Clinton, is the question of where it ends.

Obviously, the whole point of being a ruling class is to afford yourself and your supporters a certain relief against the rigors of the rule of law. You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.

So it makes sense that the White House and the Department of Justice would put the screws to the FBI when the FBI was investigating one of its own. And it makes sense that a little man like James Comey would bend under the pressure. Not just the White House but the whole Democratic Party and the Democratic Party operatives with bylines were telling him to put it where the sun don't shine.

But how far do you go? The whole point of politics and the rule of law is not "justice," at least not in my view. The whole point is to head off civil war. Government is force, and the people on the receiving end of force don't like it. If you keep your government force going too strong then the people on the receiving end might decide to create a head of rebellion.

That is why I rehearse constantly my catch phrases about Government is force, politics is division, system is domination, and Government is injustice. I am reminding the ruling class that everything that government or a politician does is riling up some yahoo somewhere. And the longer it goes on, the more likely that some yahoo will talk to his buddy and start to think that force must be met with force.

The problem with our liberal masters, as I see it, is that they really have no clue how deep is their self-dealing and how corrupt they are. They have no clue what a corrupt operation Obamacare is, or their climate agenda. There is a simple reason for this. Our liberal friends think that they are the good guys and that everything they do advances emancipation, liberation, and justice. And their willing accomplices in the media repeat back their catch phrases back at them. Of course they do. Not only is the ruling class intermarried with the media class, but it is clear to me, from nods and winks in the Obama era, that it is not good for one's media career to be a nail that sticks out -- apart from the basic fact of media life that the media lives by access to the powerful, and access can be easily withdrawn.

So Hillary Clinton has skated on her illegal and insecure private email scheme. For now. The problem is: next time. What happens when Hillary Clinton -- or any member of the ruling class -- next needs to compromise the justice system in order to skate on corruption or abuse of power? How much deeper into the corruption of the justice system will she need to go?

Our Democratic friends reject as laughable the idea that the Clinton scandal is "worse than Watergate." Oh really. As I recall Watergate issued from some over-enthusiastic campaign operatives burgling the offices of the Democratic National Committee. The Clinton e-mail scandal issues from the decision of the Secretary of State to conduct her business not on secure State Department systems but using her own private email server. So the Watergate scandal began with illegal actions by underlings; the Clinton scandal begins with illegal action by the principal. And we are not just talking about illegal action but illegal action that endangers national security. You tell me which is worse.

OK, now let's segue to the bigger issue. The problem is not just corruption of the justice system to evade responsibility for illegal action. The problem is that, now that progressivism has got into its mature stage, and government is gigantic and complicated, government has to evade the law, just to keep on keeping on, with executive actions and administrative ukases that amount to legislating. That is because government is doing complicated things that need constant adjustment to deal with unanticipated consequences of the original government intervention. We see the Obama administration doing this with Obamacare. And there is a strong current, supported in the ruling class, for using administrative ukase and regulation to enact policy that could never get a majority in Congress, especially with regard to climate and the environment.

Again, our ruling class is missing the point with its clever end run around the legislative process. If you want to enact climate change policy that will stand the test of time you need to go through all the flummery of legislation and vote-trading and a bipartisan consensus. Then, when the going gets tough, you can appeal to Democrats and Republicans and the whole American people to support you, since the policy was honestly proposed, honestly debated, and honestly voted in. But when you do things the Obama way, with phones and pens, with activists pushing through dubious policy in the depths of the bureaucracy, then people start to complain that The Fix Is In. And then nothing that you do is fixed and permanent, because tons of people think that you cheated, and they know that nobody asked their opinion.

We see this problem all across the west as the voters start to rebel against the globalist agenda of no borders and global migration and global commerce. The global elite never asked anyone's permission; they just believe that globalism and transnational government is necessary and that nation states deserve to go onto the waste heap of history and that they, the global elite, know what they are doing. They are wrong, and millions of people are going to suffer for their error and their arrogance.

And we know that they are wrong because they need to violate the law to get the job done.

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