Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Revenge of Archie Bunker

It was back in March that I thought of the meme that defines the election of 2016. It was in a blog post I called "Trump Hauls White Working Class into the GOP Boat."

And I suggested that Archie Bunker is the poster boy for all this.
If we mark the debut of All in the Family in winter 1971 as the date that the white working class was cast out of the Democratic Party, branded as racist, sexist, bigoted Archie Bunkers, every one, then the white working class has been wandering in the wilderness for about 40 years, just like the Israelites. 
Only now the white working class has found a home, found a politician that speaks to it. It means the end of the Republican Party that I have known and supported, as a party of small government and the home of the People of the Responsible Self. But I am willing to let the white working class in. Because we should always shelter the homeless.
And really, would it harm the Republican Party to adapt itself to the political needs of the white working class? A little less immigration, a little less racial spoils, a more moderate reform of entitlements than hardcore libertarian conservatives like me would like? Is that so hard to swallow? 
 I have written that I think that the Democrats' abandonment of the white working class is one of the crimes of the century. Whaddya mean, dumping the white working class after calling them the salt of the earth and loading them up with political loot?

And I shall write later about the bigger issue, the record of vile injustice practiced by the left ever since the false dawn of 1848. There is no fundamental conflict between employers and workers; workers have benefited enormously from capitalism, and once the workers got the vote there was no need for special privileges for the workers. There is no fundamental conflict between men and women, white and black, gay and straight. Once women got the vote, once blacks got the Civil Rights Acts, once gays got the police off their backs, then the "activists" should have gone home and let the law take its course.

But people do not go into politics to pass and law and then let the grass grow. They go into politics to taste power and visit humiliation on their enemies. And so the left has mixed ordure, the ordure of division and coercion, with its noble ideals, and the result is ordure.

My hope for the Trump presidency, which began last night with his statement, "I love this country," is that he manages to turn a bunch of blacks and Hispanics into typical Americans that simply love America. That is the whole point of capitalism and the Great Enrichment. Instead of everyone sitting on their patch of land and defending it to the death, we all mix together and produce and consume and buy and sell with only one principle to guide us: to trust people that demonstrate trustworthiness.

And the way to give the marginalized a break is to break down the ramparts of economic privilege, the domination and hegemony of the administrative, regulatory state. The science is settled on this, you know. Bureaucrats just can't do the job; only producers and consumers and prices can do it.

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