Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Mists Begin to Clear

First of all, Ted Cruz won a famous victory yesterday in the first-in-the-nation-Iowa-caucuses. Secondly, he had to work very hard to pull off a four point victory over billionaire Donald Trump who, it is reported, had all of 12 paid staffers in Iowa. It ain't over till it's over.

There's a long thumbsucker at National Review about how the Cruz people did it, complete with Cruz-staffer interviews. So now it's on to Richmond, and New Hampshire and South Carolina and the SEC primary.

I was intrigued that Ted Cruz gave an interminable victory speech after his win, a speech so long that the cable news networks cut away in the middle. Was Ted just rambling? I doubt it. I think that the Cruz people decided that the free media on victory night should be milked to the last drop. Because in that speech Ted Cruz got beyond thanking God and the people of Iowa and the individual campaign staffers and set forth a vision for what a Cruz presidency would mean to Americans, what the first President George Bush called "the vision thing." It's hard to get media time to do that, beyond the usual sound bites and manufactured controversies. So you need to grab that opportunity any chance you get.

It was cool to see Hillary and Bernie fight to a draw. It's another result of President Obama's second-string leadership of the Democratic Party. He could have chosen a Vice-President who would have been in his mid-fifties by now, someone to carry Hope and Change into mid-century. But he didn't. He chose Joe Biden who is now in his 70s. Speaking as a guy who will be 70 this year, 70 is too old to run for president, and I don't know how President Reagan did it.

But what really burns me about Bernie Sanders is the kids. Don't they know that socialism is the biggest bust in human history?

Er, no, they don't. And really, what would you expect? They have gone to government schools, taught by government teachers. Then they went to college at government universities, taught by tenured government teachers. What do you expect? That the government teachers would tell their students that that big government was a busted flush and capitalism was a new and revolutionary social revolution that had transformed the world and increased per-capita income by 3,000 percent in 200 years? By the way, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

What's next? Based on the murmurs I'm reading, I'd say that we'll be seeing a lot of negative ads featuring little people that were sued by big bully billionaire Donald Trump.

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