Monday, February 29, 2016

Liberal Race Politics and the Movies

Ratings were down on the #OscarsSoWhite 88th Acadamy Awards show last night. So what else is new? What in the world could turn Americans away from the Oscars more than yet another liberal race row?

And really, what in the world is the point of having a racial purity test on the Oscars, making sure that there are regular black award winners? Oh, I see. Social justice. My bad.

Actually, to step back a bit, Hollywood is not really just white, it is Jewish. And the perfectly good reason for that is that Jews invented it. As in Louis B. Mayer. Samuel Goldwyn. They made Hollywood because, back in the the 1920s and 1930s, movies was a new thing, and open to talent. Unlike Harvard and Yale with their Jewish quotas.

Another thing about the Oscars is that secular liberal smart Jewish kids are not that interested in a movie like Straigh Outa Compton about gangs and hip-hop artists. But they are taken by movies like Spotlight about Catholic priests abusing young boys. Now why would secular liberal Jews be drawn to a movie about priests abusing young boys rather than musical gangbangers in LA? Go figure.

Of course, the question of racial stereotypes in movies is a big thing, because movies are all about current cultural moral stories. In the old days the moral stories were about class and white ethnicity. In High Society we were taught about the moral vacuity of the WASP elite and their casual divorces. Louis Armstrong and his band play some music, and are treated by Bing Crosby as almost equals, but the blacks don't engage with the action.

But in a modern movie, like The Martian, modern liberal race and gender politics is all over the place. The commander of the Ares III spaceship is an upscale woman. The pilot of the Ares is a Martinez. And the orbital mechanics expert appplying his equations to a bank of supercomputers is a hip-hoppy in-your-face Magic Negro. But the hero is a white guy, played by Matt Damon as a quirky, inventive, scrappy individualist. Meanwhile the head of JPL is an East Asian and the representatives of the Chinese space agency are inscrutable Orientals. Between Matt Damon and the Latino pilot there is guy insult talk. But the orbital mechanics guy is sacred, so sacred that he gets to butt into the NASA head's office. Of course. Meanwhile the girl commander is racked with guilt about leaving Matt Damon on Mars. Of course.

There is a wealth of possibility in the new multicultural metro city, where educated young people from all across the planet get to mix it up in business and tech and the creative arts. It would have been really cool if TV and the movies had been allowed to present this world without the intervention of the political commissars. But that would be too much to hope for.

In reality, the #OscarsSoWhite mess is liberals' own fault. Their race politics was great fun when it was deployed against Archie Bunker and any Republican politician that got his words mixed up. If liberals had any wisdom they would have known that eventually the black racists they had encouraged and wafted aloft would turn on them. Now elite liberals are getting a taste of what they have inflicted on ordinary Joe Schmoes for the last half century. It would be fun if it weren't so sad.

But meanwhile, race wars at the Oscars doesn't seem to be very good for business. Now that is a real problem.

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