Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The President's Rhymes-with-Bucket List

Just imagine if President Bush had declared, in the spring of 2007, that in the last two years of his presidency he would be working on his rhymes-with-bucket list.

Oh, the liberal gnashing of teeth! Oh the disrespect to the country! Oh, the disaster for the Republican Party! Oh, the final proof that Bush was an idiot!

Actually, it may not be so bad. Because what the president meant was doing all the things you are not allowed to do, like go to Cuba and hob-nob with the Castro brothers. Like closing the Guantanamo Bay terrorist jail. Like nominating a liberal to the Supreme Court in your last year when tradition has it that the president doesn't do that, out of respect for his successor.

What all those things are likely to do is rile up Republican voters in November 2016. And what could be wrong with that?

The path not taken is the path taken by President Bush in 2008. Like nominating a Democratic Treasury Secretary with a nasty financial crash looming on the horizon. Like working with Nancy Pelosi in the spring of 2008 to pass a stimulus program to help ward off recession, or leaving the auto bailout half completed at the end of 2008 so that the incoming Democratic administration could put its imprint on it.

The thing is that we want a president that so loves America that he would not do anything to hurt America, even if it were politically advantageous. He wouldn't do anything to rile up the opposition. Not because it would help his party but because it would keep America from unnecessary division.

But President Obama is different. He is mean. He is petulant. He doesn't really love America. He doesn't even really love his party. So he does nasty stuff. He stiffs Sen. Chuck Schumer some extra money for anti-terror funding in New York. He doesn't attend the funeral for Justice Scalia. He resumes diplomatic relations with Cuba. He plans to visit Cuba, home of the cruel Castro brothers. And the repression increases on Cuba's democracy activists.

Now my feeling is that there's a reason why most presidents don't do this. It's not because they are good guys. It's because doing your rhymes-with-bucket list is really stupid, for getting anything done with Congress, with helping your party, with keeping the rage of the opposition down to a dull roar, with making America a better place.

For some reason, President Obama doesn't get this. Maybe it's because he's a Saul Alinsky leftist. Maybe it's because he's an Ivy League liberal. Maybe it's because he was abandoned both by his father and by his mother, and left to be raised by his "typical white people" grandparents. Maybe it's because when you are a Magic Negro being wafted aloft by liberaldom and the Democratic Party you never have to mend bridges with the rest of the world, never have to say your are sorry. Maybe it's just because President Obama is a small, unpleasant person.

But I think that the president and his rhymes-with-bucket list are worse that a crime,  they are a blunder. For him, for his party, and for the nation.

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