Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Metastasizing Injustices of Liberal Race Politics

Conservative media sources have noted the dog that didn't bark after the Iowa caucuses. Usually, after such an historic event, the liberal media is all agog with the wonder of the First Latino to Win a Presidential Caucus. But this time, when the son of a Cuban immigrant won the Iowa caucus all we heard was crickets. Until The New York Times ran a piece that told us that Ted Cruz wasn't really an authentic Hispanic. Or Latino. Or whatever the totem word is today.
How is that not being celebrated as historic or at least worth a headline for a day or two?

The answer is not that complicated: Neither Mr. Cruz nor Mr. Rubio meets conventional expectations of how Latino politicians are supposed to behave.

Neither of these candidates claims to speak for the Hispanic population or derive a crucial portion of their support from Hispanics, and neither bases much of his political identity on being a Latino.
For "conventional expectations" you should read "approved liberal ruling class expectations."

And just to make sure, race journalist Jorge Ramos had written a piece in January that "There is no greater disloyalty than the children of immigrants forgetting their own roots. That is a betrayal."

There is a reason why I keep banging away on the idea that Politics is Violence, or alternatively, that Politics is Division. The whole point of liberal race politics is to divide off preferred minorities into the Democratic Party in return for race-based benefits enforced by the government's men with guns. Blacks and women and Latinos qualify; others need not apply.

Back in the 1960s you could make a half-decent argument that blacks needed a leg up after 200 years of slavery and 100 years of Jim Crow. It was a specious argument even then, but life is more than just rigid application of the rules. It is unjust, according to modern Enlightenment ideas, to use the power of government to enslave or discriminate against blacks according to their race. It is still unjust to use cultural and political power to favor one group of people over another in the years since.

You can warble all you like about historical marginalizations oppressions and exploitations, but the use of government power to favor or disfavor particular groups is unjust. Who cares? Well, sooner or later, the people experiencing the sharp end of government injustice get pissed off.

That is one argument explaining the rise of Trump and Sanders in this election cycle. Trump represents the white working class that has been the main victim of liberal race politics over the last century. You might say that it took the white working class a powerful long time to get riled up. Sanders represents the Millennial generation that is suffering from the lousy economy and the sky-high college fees.

You can talk all you like about xenophobia and anti-immigrant bigotry, but wages are depressed by immigrants like me. The people that suffer most are the people with marginal skills and intelligence that are forced to compete at the low end of the wage scale against the new wave of immigrants.

You can talk all you like about the ignorance of the Millennial Kids warming to the socialism of Bernie Sanders, but the Millennials have been screwed. In part they have been screwed because the economy is still suffering after the real-estate collapse, and that collapse was caused by a government program to push mortgage loans on sub-prime, often minority sub-prime borrowers. The sky-high college fees are caused by mountains of government subsidies for higher education, which merely encourage universities to raise the tuition and hire more administrators and end up burying students in debt that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.

Our government today is a huge pile of programs to help this or that group that suffered from perceived injustice at some point in the past. Every now and again one of those programs distorts the economy so badly that we get a crash of some kind. The crash may be financial, or it may be the slow-motion death by municipal unions at the City of Chicago.

Anyway, eventually the carefully constructed ramparts of privilege constructed by cunning politicians a generation ago or a century ago start to crumble. The injustices created by the ruling class and their government programs become so large that the victims start to reach a critical mass. And that is what we are seeing now.

Unfortunately there is nothing written in the sky that says that those suffering from injustice will choose appropriate means to right their injustice. Egghead "sophisters, economists, and calculators" like me think that the less government the better. But what do we know? The victims of government injustice just want someone to lead them and "do something" about it.

What everyone would like to know is what happens next. The answer is that nobody knows. And the truth is that whatever happens, there is no guarantee that it will solve anything, and do any more than replace an old injustice with a new injustice.

Politics is violence, and government is force. They are very blunt instruments for solving the problems of social animals like humans. Because the whole idea of social animals is to reduce the expensive resort to violence and force. You can see the problem when you consider that government is here to use violence to curb those that resort to violence, whether domestic or foreign. Where does that end?

It ends, for now, with an election in November. After that, who knows?

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