Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Politics Always Breaks Your Heart

Government is a devil's bargain. One the one hand people need protection from pirates and plunderers. On the other, they need protection from the protectors.

Think of the situation of English peasants about 1,000 years ago. They were subject to the raids of the Vikings every autumn who would sail up the rivers, kill the men, take the newly harvested grain, and sell the women and children into slavery.

England needed a government strong enough to deal with the Vikings. And it got it, in 1066, from William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy. But the Normans were in fact Vikings that had conquered and settled down a century before in Normandy. Still, after the Norman Conquest the Brits went unconquered for 600 years, until the Dutch invaded in 1688 with a 500 ship invasion force.

Fast forward to 2016, and we have the Republican voters in open revolt against their betters in Washington, DC. So who do the voters choose as their champion against the dreaded establishment? Why, none other than rich kid Donald Trump, who has made a career out of playing footsie with the establishment. This is the man who is to be our savior?

If you vote for Donald Trump you are voting to kick out immigrants and teach China a lesson. If you are voting for Bernie Sanders you are voting to put Wall Street in jail and get free college and free health care. If you are voting for Ted Cruz you are voting against the two-party Washington cabal. That's the trouble with politics and government. It's always a war, and the leader is always promising to mobilize the nation (at enormous expense) to go out and defeat the foe.

The problem is that, in the old Pogo comic-strip line, we have met the enemy and he is us. We got the immigration crisis because we have been condoning illegal immigration for decades. We got the Wall Street crash because lefties like Bernie were advocating for decades against banks "red-lining" poorer neighborhoods and restricting mortgage lending there. We got the RINO Republican establishment because it is death to a politician ever to propose a cut in government spending of any kind, let alone a reform of the big entitlement programs.

Really, nothing has changed in the last 1,000 years. We demand to be protected in old age, we demand the government picks up the tab for educating our children and relieving the poor. And then we are shocked, shocked, to find that government is for sale to the highest bidder?

Here we are after 200 years of stunning capitalism that has raised per capita income by 3,000 percent in 200 years, and half the Millennial Kids think that socialism is a better idea. Here we had, in 2012, a presidential candidate in Mitt Romney who had done nothing all his life but turn around ailing churches, olympic games, and corporations. And we rejected him for a man that had majored in the divisive tactics of community organizing.

Winston Churchill is said to have approved of America because in the end it does the right thing after trying everything else. Even then, I suggest, we do the right thing for the wrong reasons.

So it is my great hope that the Republican Party will win in 2016 because of the support of the white working class that helped defeat Mitt Romney in 2012, and that the new Emerging Republican Majority composed of 50 years of Democratic rejects will revive the economy, repair the culture, clean the Augean stables at the federal government, and roll back the Muslim impertinence under the leadership of a guy that has spent his life playing the crony capitalist.

And after Donald Trump's victory in New Hampshire it is starting to look like the only thing to hope for.

What a country! What a world!

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