Friday, February 26, 2016

Trump Trumped at Last?

Last night at the GOP debate the 2nd placers finally laid their gloves on the GOP front-runner, Donald Trump, and gave him some rough handling. Where were you, guys, all this time? As David French writes:
Rubio and Cruz dissected Trump so thoroughly that I kept asking myself, why only now? Why didn’t they pounce earlier — before Trump gained the die-hard loyalty of between 30 and 40 percent of GOP voters? The GOP’s best candidates finally took down Trump, but it may have been too late.
Since we all know that Rubio and Cruz are seasoned politicians, with seasoned campaign operations, there must have been a good reason not to hammer away at Trump before last night. But what was it, and why? And is it all too late anyway?

Is Trump as rich as he says he is? Did he hire illegal Polish workers for real-estate construction? Was Trump University a scam? Does Trump hire H-1B workers over native Americans? We'd better get all this worked out and debated. Because otherwise we will be leaving the fish-fileting for the Clinton campaign, and boy, do they have sharp knives.

I was talking to a liberal feminist woman yesterday who asked, without really wanting an answer, about the US election. There are two sets of folks that are unhappy, I said: young people, and you can understand why. And also the white working class, and you can understand why.

That's the basic point that I have been trying to understand about government and its relation to life, the universe, and everything. Because government is force, it always ends up making the people on the receiving end of the force angry.

Young people are having a rough time right now, because the goodies have been hived off by government for the benefit of others, and they are left with a lousy job market and unpayable college loans. But I tell you kids, the answer to your prayers is not free college.

The white working class, and indeed anyone without a basic education, is having a rough time, has been ever since the unionized manufacturing game went over the top in the 1970s. It was a good time, for those that got the goodies, when private-sector union workers held good jobs at good wages. But now that's all over, and so the white working class, that thought it had a guaranteed ticket is stuck in a swamp of misery and helplessness. But I tell you, white working class, the answer to your prayers is not a wall and tariffs on imports.

Yes, but what do we do?

We conservatives and libertarians know the answer: stop the spending; stop the regulations; stop the crony capitalism; reform and dial down entitlements; reform and shake up education; stop the race politics; stop the gender politics. Because government is force, and force ends by making the world grind to a halt. The trouble is that nobody is allowed to say this. That's because the default position in politics is the patron-client relationship. The politician is the patron, and the only thing he is allowed to do is offer free stuff to the peasants.

It may be that Donald Trump is crazy like a fox, offering to make the economy great again while carefully avoiding the specifics, knowing what has to be done while cunningly hiding the knife that will scythe through the special interest carve-outs and welfare offerings. Or it may be that he doesn't have a clue.

The only way we get to find out is to let the process proceed, and hope for the best.

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