Friday, July 1, 2016

Don't Forget: Liberal Pejoratives Keep Liberals in Line

After putting out my "hate" and "xenophobia" piece yesterday I suddenly had an idea.

All the liberal pejoratives -- racism, sexism, homophobia, "hate," xenophobia and the rest -- are not just there to shut non-liberals up and put us in fear of our jobs. They have another purpose.

They keep liberals onside.

Think about it. Politics is violence, civil war by other means. If you are running a political movement, you cannot start to take out the eevil white patriarchal racist hetero-oppressors until you have created a committed and disciplined political army. And that army must believe in the cause.

Now the first thing to note about armies is that you can't leave. When you sign up for a shooting army you enlist for a specific period, and until that period is over, you are the property of the army. Sometimes you are enlisted for the duration of the war. If you leave you are a deserter.

But usually armies prefer not to rely completely on the provost marshal to keep the lads in line. They use psychological techniques, from regimental tradition to the age-old male culture of looking out for your buddies, to indoctrinating the troops with the idea that everything is going well and victory is close at hand. The whole idea is to make it unthinkable for you to abandon your post.

Obviously, the same thing applies in politics. You want all women in the feminist movement to think like one on abortion and equal pay. You want all gays to be in line with "marriage equality" and "hate." You want all blacks to fear the return of Jim Crow. If you don't manage to create and enforce unity in your movement you are not going to win and enforce your agenda on the rest of the nation.

Now imagine what it would feel like if you were a liberal and someone said to you: "that sounds kinda xenophobic to me."

You can see why the dear old Tea Party wasn't such a stunning success. It wasn't just the kindly administrations of the lovely Lois Lerner. It was that the Tea Party wasn't a disciplined political movement like everything on the left. That's probably because conservatives are not that interested in power.

So, does that mean that we have to become like our enemies and develop disciplined top-down political structures to roll back the progs with every conservative heart beating as one?

Maybe. If you go back to the American Revolution there was a lot of ideological bullying going on, especially with the respect to the lives, the fortunes, and the sacred honor of the loyalists. The revolution was chronically short of funds, and the loyalists were the easiest place to go and find money, as in triple taxation.

But I like to hope that we can turn things around short of actual civil war. The whole point of the Trump phenomenon, in my view, is that it represents a rebellion against the politically correct ruling class.

The reason that Trump emerged as the winner is that he was the one candidate that did not Cringe. Non-liberal voters are utterly sick of leaders that don't push back against the liberals; that's why a majority of Republican voters don't trust their establishment leaders. And I think that every non-liberal in the land is aching for a leader that will Cut the Cringe.

But that only deals with one half of the problem. We the People want to push back against the domination and the hegemony of political correctness. Good for us.

But what about the decent liberals that have been cowed and indoctrinated into becoming foot soldiers in the liberal political army, and don't even know they are too frightened to have an original thought, because they are just as cowed by those liberal pejoratives as the rest of us?

Yeah. Something to think about.

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