Wednesday, July 27, 2016

When Will Liberals Lose Control of their Identity Politics?

Our liberal friends live under the sure knowledge that they can control events.

First, their big government administrative state is based on the assumption that rational experts can mold society through government programs. Their faith is a big conceit if wise experts do not in fact able to administer society like a bureaucracy from their perches of power in government.

Second, their identity politics is based on the faith that cunning liberals can always manipulate their client identity groups and turn them out at the next election.

We know that the first assumption is baloney. The liberal administrative state has hollowed out society and severely damaged the "little darlings" it was supposed to help, starting with the working class and now the black underclass. Women and other minorities to follow in due course.

But what about the second assumption, that clever liberals will always be able to manipulate their various identity groups into docility, marchin' and protestin' in accordance with their AstroTurf suppliers, voting the Democratic line, and following the leadership of their liberal betters?

Let us suppose that the Black Lives Matter movement started out as pure AstroTurf, or if it did indeed start out as pure spontaneous rage it soon acquired well-born leaders and money from Soros. There is a real question as to whether it is getting out of control. I don't suppose that the wise experts that have advised the movement imagined that young hot-heads might take the movement's rhetoric literally and start shooting cops. After all, we are all advanced and evolved and working for common-sense gun control. But now at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia we have a few activists going off script and bad-mouthing Hillary Clinton.

I suspect that when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were getting all enthusiastic about Saul Alinsky in their youth they were not thinking that the marchers and protesters that they community-organized might one day get ideas of their own and reject the wise and evolved leadership of their educated community organizers.

Nor, I suspect, did liberals imagine that the day would come when liberalism would be led by the gay mafia, and that gays would not be grateful for "marriage equality" but determined to continue gender politics to transgender bathrooms and polyamory.

And then there are the Muslims. I'm sure that the vasts majority of Muslims living in the West are good docile followers of their evolved liberal activist bosses. But then there are the others.

Maybe liberals got the wrong impression from their experience with the white working class. The white working class was glad to strike and riot when the rich-kid Class of 1848 ordered it. The white working class was glad to sit back and pick up the free stuff when the New Deal gave it the CCC and Social Security. The white working class was glad to walk down the street from high school at get a good lifetime union job at good wages in the 1950s. And when the liberals deserted the white working class and started dating the new fresh meat of women and minorities in the Sixties the white working class obligingly went home and died of despair, as per the Washington Post.

It was all so simple in those days. But now, influenced by the Frankfurt School, liberals have, after the style of President Eisenhower, made the problem bigger. Now they don't just have the white working class to manipulate but a huge Coalition of the Fringes. I'd say that the huge coalition of victims is getting a bit too hot to handle.

Just what is the evolved educated plan for damping down the black hot-heads? That has always been Society's Big Problem, converting young men from war to marriage and work. Liberals seem to think that the opposite is true. Meanwhile Michelle Malkin has started #BlueLightFridays to honor the blue lives that protect us.

Just what is the evolved educated plan for dealing with the Alluha Akbar fanatics from doing what comes naturally, according to Lawrence H. Keeley in War Before Civilization: TGhe Myth of the Peaceful Savag. Yes, you wouldn't believe the number of skulls that archaeologists have dug up that show signs of having been severed from the rest of the body.

One of the things I'm getting from War Before Civilization is an appreciation of the difficulty of getting humans to live next to each other in peace. For instance, Keeley writes that humans have always been a bit leery of military heroes, and have tended not to choose them as leaders, preferring instead men of wealth and substance and negotiating skills.

The whole idea of liberal activism and identity politics is to stir up division and resentment and use people as weapons in the political wars, leading willing followers to peace and justice against their slave masters and patriarchs. That sort of thing can work when you have, e.g., Bill Clinton, the most talented politician of his generation leading the identity politics brigade. But lesser lights, like Obama and Hillary, don't seem to have the chops for that.

It reminds me of the German problem. Under the genius Bismarck the Germans unified themselves in three short, sharp foreign wars. But then came Wilhelm II, a man without any genius and without the sense to put Germany's destiny in the hands of another Bismarck. The rest is history.

This problem is as old as the hills. The son of the guy that creates a dynasty whether corporate or political, usually isn't up to the mark. And then things start to go wrong.

Will 2016 be the year that the scions of the giants that made the West lose control? I can't say I'm confident that they have the wisdom to cede control to someone that knows better.

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode.

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