Friday, July 22, 2016

Trump Night: What You Are Not Allowed to Say

Despite my disinterest in the Republican National Convention I did get to hear most of the speeches of Peter Thiel, Ivanka Trump, and Donald Trump in Cleveland on July 21, 2016.

I listened through my particular virtual noise canceling device, which says that, once government has got past protecting us from enemies foreign and domestic, it is tempting us with things we shouldn't have. So most of what poltical speakers say is nothing less than the voice of Satan.

Peter Thiel asked why we are stuck in the middle of fake culture wars while also speaking about how government could once do science and software. As in go to the moon. Well, we know why. Our liberal friends are running the culture war to stamp out all the dangerous sects and cults that oppose their cultural hegemony. These chaps that insist on the separation of church and state are determined to unite the state with their secular church of political correctness and silence all other voices. The culture war is not fake; it is real and deadly serious.

Ivanka Trump spoke to try and neutralize the "war on women" meme that Democrats have used so successfully in recent years. She worried about the fact that while single women earn about the same as men, married women with children earn much less. As if career and working and earning money is the most important thing in the world for women. Barbara Bush said it many years ago: at the end of your life you don't wish that you had spent more time at the office. We make men have careers because it is much better than having them do what comes naturally, which is rape and pillage and brawl in the streets. We've decided that women need careers because well-born women have always needed a way to differentiate themselves from ordinary baby machines. Used to be they differentiated themselves by doing nothing except sitting and sewing. Now they differentiate themselves by worrying about work/life balance.

Donald Trump showed that he has completely blown away the old Republican Party of gentlemanly conservatism. Gone is the old triad of social conservatism, economic conservatism, and national security conservatism. In its stead is a populist conservatism to "make it like it was." Except that the 1950s era of "good jobs at good wages" for high-school graduates that just stepped down the street to the unionized manufacturing corporation for a lifetime job is gone forever. But the fault is not the global corporations. The wicked globalist corporations that are shipping jobs to the Third World are just taking care of business. They know that a corporation can never stand still; it must always be preparing for the future. Today's profitable product is tomorrow's sad loser. And so it goes.

Politicians like Trump and Clinton can muck around a bit with the market; they can make things a bit more difficult for the Chinese, and harass illegal immigrants and people over-staying their visas, and reduce legal immigration, but they'd better not try too hard, or they will make a bigger mess than we started with. As in mortgage subsidies that ended up hurting the very people, women and minorities, that they were designed to help.

President Coolidge that that 90 percent of the people coming into his office were asking for things they shouldn't. They still are.

The Trump and Brexit phenomena tell us that something is wrong. The average person isn't doing so well. I say that is because of everything from the sexual revolution to education to family formation to the taxation and regulation of labor to the government's regulatory distortions. So we should unwind just about everything we have done politically in the last century except the civil rights acts of the 1960s.

But that won't happen because every market distortion and every government program has its powerful supporters. That's why nothing changes until the economy hits the wall, and probably not even then.

But there is this. All government is injustice, particularly for those on the receiving end of government force. Usually the ruling class and its supporters have no clue that their self-dealing is causing rage and frustration out among the boo-boisie. Until all of a sudden the boo-boisie just can't take it any more.

Is 2016 a year in which the people decide they just can't take it any more? Don't hold your breath.

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