Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cop Killers Target White Working Class

I just had another epiphany.

The first one this year was to realize that the liberal turn in the 1960s to race and gender politics had an unanticipated consequence. After the turn the white working class would be the poster boys for white racism. That's what Archie Bunker was all about in All in the Family. This nobody living in a small home in Queens became the poster boy for racism, sexism, and bigotry.

But how could Archie be racist, sexist and a bigot? He didn't have the power: that's what liberals tell us. He was just a nobody working at a warehouse, albeit as a supervisor.

But the logic of the situation required that the white working class pay the costs of the racist sexist government Affirmative Action and later diversity programs. It has to be that way, right? Government is force; action and reaction are equal and opposite and all the rest of the Newtonian system. If the government were going to favor minorities and women, then someone had to be on the losing side. And it turned out to be the white working class.

When you think about it, it couldn't have been any other way. Liberals weren't going to cut themselves out of the gravy train, they were too important with their sharing and caring and activism. Ordinary middle-class People of the Responsible Self weren't relying on government goodies, except don't touch my Social Security and Medicare. So the residual victim had to be the white working class.

This is the eternal fate of the "little darlings" of the ruling class down the ages, here here and here.

Now we come to epiphany #2. The current Black Lives Matter war on the cops, now reaching a crescendo with black shooters killing policemen, is a war on the white working class.

Who do you think works the streets in America's police departments? Graduates of "Studies" programs?Yeah, wherever working class whites have not yet been chased out by "diversity" programs, they naturally go for police jobs. Given that factory jobs have gone the way of the horse-and-buggy, getting a job at a police department is a natural for a white working class guy or gal.

Only now the police are the target of the latest fashionable liberal activism craze. The police are killing young black men, because they are racist.

Hello! Doesn't that just sound like 1971 and Archie Bunker all over again? But the point is that the police constable on the street is not the reincarnation of Bull Connor. Or even In the Heat of the Night's  Police Chief Bill Gillespie, played by Rod Steiger in the movie and -- hello -- Caroll O'Connor in the TV series.

The average policeman on the street is just a guy trying to stay out of trouble so he can retire and get his pension.

But now comes Steven Greenhut writing that the problem with police violence is police unions, that dominate local politics and jack up police salaries and work to reduce police accountability.

Do you see the parallel? Back in the 1950s the white working class was flying high with union protected "good jobs at good wages." Then Stein's Law -- if something cannot go on forever, it will stop -- kicked in. World competition started to wash away the foundations of the union game, because big corporations could no longer pass increased costs onto the consumer. So the great unionized industrial corporations went into decline, and the white working class lost their above-market wages and benefits. In fact, the old union game was a bubble and crashed, and so many folks in the white working class lost everything, the women and minorities hardest hit in the housing crash of 2008 and just like Joe Soptic in 2012. Now the white working class is dying of despair, according to the Washington Post.

Now the rot is setting in for the white working class in police departments. Police unions have jacked wages up above market levels. Police unions have made police less accountable so that activists are mobilizing against the police. And anyway, state and local governments are all going to go broke in the next couple of decades.

So the white working class is going to get hammered again. Not just from the well-born activists running Black Lives Matter who want to make them the scapegoats for the social disaster of the black underclass. But also from the "cannot go on forever" aspect of police wages and pensions.

But if you are a liberal living in your NPR/NYT bubble getting all excited about electing the First Woman President, or a good little girl working as an administrator in a university bureaucracy, you know nothing about all this. And you won't until the sh*t hits the fan.

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