Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What Else Could the FBI Do?

Some people say it is the End of the Rule of Law. Others say that Hillary Clinton got a pass. We are talking about the statement by FBI Director James B. Comey on July 5 that "no responsible prosecutor" would prosecute Hillary Clinton for setting up a home-brew email server and then lying about never using it for material that was classified "at the time."

I think that in the Obama era you cannot expect any bureaucrat with a wife and children to go against Mr. Big. Because if you do "you will never work in this town again." It is not just that the media is Democratic. It is not just that bureaucrats are lifers. It is clear that the Obama people use "the Chicago way" to intimidate and to silence.

Still, Director Comey did basically lay out statements that Hillary Clinton lied about using her email system for classified communication. That gave the Trump campaign the opening to produce a video comparing Comey's words and Clinton's words. When I viewed the video the night of July 5 it had 3,4900,000 views; the morning of July 6 it was at 6,700,000 views. By 11:00am PDT it had been taken down by Facebook (Oh wait, here it is, now at 8,900,000 views). So somebody is paying attention.

So it's up to the voters in November. Do the voters think that, in the hack phrase, "law is for the little people," or do they want to send a message about that?  My guess is that voters will split three ways, according to my Three Peoples theory. The People of the Subordinate Self will vote for Hillary Clinton anyway, because they do not see the rule of law as dispositive. What counts for them is a powerful patron to protect them from the world and of course you can't expect a powerful patron to obey the law. What counts is that he (or she) gives you a cut of the loot. The People of the Responsible Self will vote against Hillary Clinton. In their responsible lives the important thing is trust, and trust depends on people following the rules and obeying the law.

But what about the People of the Creative Self? Do they take the attitude that classification and official secrets are part of a discredited nationalism implicit in the dominatory and imperialistic concept of the nation state? Or do they regard Hillary Clinton's lies as merely creative license, acceptable in anyone battling against the racist sexist bigots? Or do they take the position that the arc of history bends towards justice so no action is needed?

It's rough being a Person of the Creative Self. It is not easy to determine how you should think and feel.

Over at The Daily Beast Joel Kotkin is writing about the Great Rebellion against the neo-liberal crony capitalist order in Europe and in the US, from the Brussels bureaucrats to the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

But, of course, things aren't so simple, because even the rebels want the free stuff from the welfare state, the pensions and health care. They -- we -- just don't want to share it with immigrants and we certainly don't want them coming in and taking our jobs by working for lower wages that we are accustomed to command.

Meanwhile, the FBI did the best it could. It laid out the Clinton criminality for all to see. It just knew that the Obama Justice Department would never prosecute.

Storm Warning: To you lowly bureaucrats and members of the armed forces. Do not try this at home. You are the Little People, and the law still applies to you in full force.

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