Tuesday, May 10, 2016

We Are Not In Kansas Any More

Looking back, it's obvious we were going to get here. At some point the American people were going to rebel against the globalist cultural Marxist insanity. They would eventually reject the rule of the People of the Creative Self, for the People of the Creative Self, by the People of the Creative Self.

See my Three Peoples theory for details.

What do they want, these People of the Creative Self? They want to be creative, and they want the political power to make America a land fit for creatives to live in.

They want All Power to the Creatives, and that means a full-court press against the Bourgeois Ethos of the People of the Responsible Self: work, marriage, family and children.

It is perfectly obvious why this should be so. If you have a job, you don't have much time left to write that great American novel. If you get married, you won't have much time left to create an edgy art installation. If you have children you won't have much time to advocate for global health. And as Henry David Thoreau wrote over a century ago, the mass of men live lives of quiet desperation. They work and breed and don't have the means or the time to pop out of Concord, Massachusetts, a mile and a half to Walden Pond to meditate about life, the universe and everything. Yeah, and you thought Walden Pond was out in the wilderness. Check out Google Maps.

If you are wondering whether the world has gone crazy, arguing about rape cultures, about gender-bender bathrooms, about cops on a rampage against blacks, about the crisis of climate change, the answer lies in the needs of the People of the Creative Self, and their need for what Charles Taylor calls "expressive individualism." Creatives must express themselves. All else doth err.

But there is one little problem with all this. It is simply that unless the mass of men go to work, marry, and have children, there won't be anyone left. For the one thing that the People of the Creative Self don't seem much interested in is creation -- of the next generation. I don't want to be too judgemental here, but if gentry liberals don't get on the stick and produce more little gentry liberals there won't be any gentry liberals any more. This process is already far advanced in countries like Germany, Japan, and Italy.

I wonder if it is just a coincidence that most religions seem to be strongly pro-natal. I wonder if humans have always wanted to wander a mile and a half out of town and contemplate the infinite, and that a strong nudge is required to bring us back to the job at hand, the real job of creation, which is making babies.

Yes, you say, but how come we have got to this crazy place?  The answer, I believe, is told by the blogger Mencius Moldbug in his narrative of The Cathedral, the universities and the press (and also the NGO activists). Then there is the Inner Party of Democrats which get to rule when in power and the Outer Party of Republicans which just gets to govern when elected.

In the culture of the Cathedral conservatives and Republicans only get to object from time to time as the arc of history bends them into pretzels. The agenda of the activists, from feminists to environmentalists to LGBT rolls ever onward. Because history. An example of useless objection is this National Review article by conservative Christian lawyer David French objecting to the arguments put forth by the Obama administration and a couple of Obama judges who are putting the screws on North Carolina about bathroom accommodations for the transgendered. This is a typical lay objection to the holy writ of the Cathedral. What good will it do? None. There may be a hiccup, but LGBT rights are sovereign, because they are engrossed in the Articles of Faith of the People of the Creative Self.

That is why Donald Trump is important. He has run for president by kicking over the established rules of polite society as defined by the Cathedral and the People of the Creative Self. That is why he has rolled over the polite and well-behaved conservative candidates in the Republican primaries. That is why he is drawing multitudes to his rallies. That is why just today a new Quinnipiac poll has Trump dead even with Clinton in three battleground states.

Trump is winning because ordinary people instinctively understand that nice polite conservatism isn't going to get the job done any more. Because the activism culture wins that game every time. Because its votaries sit in the stalls in the Cathedral. Because its people own the Inner Party.

What comes next is anyone's guess. It depends on whether the ruling class of the People of the Creative Self use their powers to crush the Trump Rebellion or whether they realize that they should sit down and negotiate in good faith with the rebels.

The key point to me is something I learned from Michael Mann and his Sources of Social Power. Once the political establishments of the European nation states extended the franchise to the workers in the 19th century, he wrote, the workers stopped rioting in the streets. They didn't need to riot because the political establishment was now taking their grievances seriously and they could negotiate in good faith with the ruling class to start to get what they wanted.

Compare that with today, where we have the Obama administration deliberately advancing its agenda outside the formal channels of political negotiation, the legislature, and pushing things through adminstrative diktats and "Dear Colleague" letters and legal ambushes. It's all tremendously cunning, but it misses the larger point. The point is that politics is civil war by other means. Politics is the means by which we negotiate our differences without going to civil war. When you game the system, as the activism culture does, with its Alinskyite practice, you prevent good faith negotiations and compromises of different world-views and interests.

And that leads to Trump and kicking over the traces because the "rules" imposed by the Cathedral and the Inner Party prevent good faith negotiations and compromise.

If Trump doesn't work, of course, it leads to something worse.

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