Thursday, May 12, 2016

Liberals Don't Bother to Pretend Any More

The great con about welfare state government is that the free stuff is really "social insurance." That was the idea when Bismarck opened the game in the 1880s. And when Social Security was passed in 1935 it was decorated with all the paraphernalia of insurance, with Trust Funds and Boards of Trustees. If you look at the UN's government spending categories, there is a item for "Social Protection."

But when Medicare passed in 1965 only the Hospital Insurance, Part A, was funded by a Trust Fund. The rest of it came out of regular revenue.

Looking back, we can see that the Insurance scam was just a way of hiding the taxes. That FICA tax wasn't a tax; oh no, it was really an insurance premium. Don't believe your lying eyes, and all that.

But Medicare Drug in the Bush administration didn't bother about Trust Funds and such. It was just a new entitlement. And the level of lying ramped into the stratosphere with Obamacare that would let you keep your plan and your doctor. I don't think.

So Mytheos Holt's piece on "ObamaDontCare" about "Andy Slavitt, acting Administrator of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Studies (CMS), willfully misle[a]d[ing] Congress on the amount of money spent on Obamacare’s exchanges" is par for the course. Who cares what was spent on the exchanges, "the program’s true legacy appears to be nothing less than pure graft and payola for administrations in safe blue states."

Here's Chris Jacobs warning us that Medicare is broke, even as Democrats are proposing an expansion. to 55 year-olds. Well, yes. But Medicare will keep on keeping on until the government runs out of other peoples' money. And then, really, who cares? It's not as if seniors are valuable workers that are integral to the nation's economy, or bringing forth babies to enroll in the next generation of taxpayers. We are just a cost.

Here's George Will worrying about Amtrak. Is is a government entity or a private corporation? The courts can't seem to figure it out. Well, yeah. Amtrak is a shabby racket. Next question.

Let's clear the air here. When the government proposes some new program it may feel the need to talk about insurance, or clearing up the mess on drugs, where surgeries for seniors were covered but drugs were not. Or it may sell an Obamacare that will make things worse for most Americans while benefiting a few. Or it may sell some crackbrained idea of Amtrak as a private corporation that is supposed to make a profit.

But that is all bullshit. In the end it all comes down to betting the nation on the ruling class's wars, which may be wars against communism or wars on poverty or wars on climate. And it comes down to rewarding the government's supporters. So Hillary Clinton is proposing a child-care initiative which will provide that nobody has to pay more than 10% of their income on child care. Golly, I wonder who will like that program?

The bottom line is, of course, at what point the government starts to go Greece, or Argentina, or Venezuela, or Brazil. You can give out all the money in the world, but every dollar that you give out to your supporters reduces the private sector -- the social organism that makes products and services that people are willing to spend their own money to buy -- by a dollar.

Back in the day, liberals used to pretend they were moderates that cared about the middle class and its responsibility culture. These days they don't seem to care; they just propose more free stuff, because that's what they do.

Is this because the American people don't care or because liberals are just going for broke? It is hard to tell in this era of political correctness where you are not allowed to disagree with the ruling class without losing your job.

All we know is that since Obama was elected the opposition has been getting angrier and angrier, to the point where the opposition voters have fired the opposition politicians in the Trump effect!

Nobody knows what will happen. But I suspect that we ain't seen nothin' yet.

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