Thursday, May 19, 2016

Why I Voted For Obama in 2008 and What Conservatives Should Do Now

Apart from my remark about the GOP establishment being "decent guys," the other thing that riled up the commenters at The American Thinker on Tuesday was that I have admitted voting for Obama in 2008.

Let me tell you why.

I take the position that politics is violence and therefore politics is civil war by other means. On this view the alternation in power of the two political parties is a way to ensure that the civil war by other means doesn't develop into actual civil war.

In my view the healthiest interval for exchange of parties is two presidential terms. Eight to ten years in power is enough. Why? Because after about ten years out of power the out-party enthusiasts starting looking under the bed; they start spinning conspiracy theories about how the system is rigged. After twelve years out of power the outs become paranoid.

That is why I voted for Barack Obama in 2008. I thought that after all the demagoguing of George W. Bush and all his works, particularly in foreign policy, we needed the Democrats to come in and actually show us whether they had a better idea. We now know: they didn't, and the voters know it even if the MSM can't admit it.

So imagine what is was like for Republicans when the Democrats won five presidential elections in a row from 1932 to 1948. How do you think it made Republicans feel? Well, one thing was that they started to look for Reds under the bed, which liberals have anathematized for the last 60 years. The noive (Cowardly Lion for "nerve")! It turned out that there were reds under the bed, which was worse.

But one good thing about that 20 year drought was that it spawned the modern conservative movement. It helped that conservatives could unite around their opposition to the Soviet Union, about which liberals were rather lukewarm.

Today the conservative movement that was is guttering out. Probably one reason is that 70 years is enough for any political combination. But another is that the enemy now is not economic socialism but cultural socialism. Back then we were being made to care about the poor and the working class. Now we are being made to care about transgendered bathrooms. I dare say it takes a different correlation of forces to fight a different civil war by other means than in the good old days of Bill Buckley and God and Man at Yale.

In my American Manifesto I have been conjuring up an ideological apology, using 20th century thinkers, to imagine a new United States based on limited government and unlimited civil society. But it is obvious to me that we won't achieve this without a fight, and that means drawing a bright line between our good vision of America and the alternative, the bad, corrupt, actuality of liberal America.

In other words, we are going to be casting liberals as utter villains in the next few years, because that's the way you do civil war by other means. I think that the way we do this is by copying the method of the socialists 150 years ago. Yes, they said, the bourgeoisie has created amazing things, but they are doing it on the backs of the working class, and for that they should be cast out into utter darkness while we socialists bring on the era of light.

What about our own time? On my Three Peoples theory, the People of the Creative Self are wonderful creative people and all that, but they have cruelly oppressed the ordinary People of the Responsible Self, casting them as gap-toothed bigots, and they have cynically used the People of the Subordinate Self as political cats-paws to enrich and empower themselves, Hillary Clinton.

Back then, the socialists demanded that the bourgeoisie have compassion for and open their wallets to the People of the Subordinate Self, through social insurance and other beneficial legislation to help the poor and the working class. This would be paid for by the bourgeoisie and would be directed by the People of the Creative Self.

Today I demand that the ruling class People of the Creative Self stop using the People of the Subordinate Self as their street thugs and treating them as "little darlings" too compromised to look after themselves. And I demand that the ruling class stop treating the ordinary middle class as racist sexist homophobic bigots and show some compassion for ordinary middle-class people who may not be as bright and privileged and creative as the scions of the professional middle class, and let them follow the rules, go to work, and obey the law without being hounded and humiliated by jumped up "activists" spawned by evil and divisive "studies" departments at our elite universities.

And that brings us to Donald Trump. Love him or hate him, his great talent seems to be that he's got the PC auto-destruct codes enabled on his Twitter account. He knows how to take it to the liberals. Nobody in the last 25 years has had the talent or the cojones to do this. Until Trump.

And people, right and left, wonder how it has come to this, that Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party in 2016.

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