Monday, May 16, 2016

Trump. That's What You Get After a Lefty Mini-Reign of Terror

Yesterday I suddenly woke up out of a sound sleep, where Trump is concerned, and here is what I realized.

Trump is Thermidor.

Thermidor? That's the name for what came after the French Revolution and its culminating Reign of Terror. It is the moment when Maximilien Robespierre, "the incorruptible," was kicked out and, in a while, Napoleon Bonaparte took over as the man on the white horse.

In Barton Crane's Anatomy of Revolution this is perfectly natural and physical (and not the holy horror that the left insists). Here is how I described Crane's theory of revolution in a blog post a year ago. It is well worth reading, if I do say so myself.
Fall of the Old Regime The old regime is discredited, and probably running out of money. But there is hope, for that is what the revolutionaries are selling.
Rule of the Moderates and Dual Power Typically the old regime is succeeded by a regime of moderates, but the moderates soon find themselves in conflict with extremists who act illegally and independently of the moderate regime.
Reign of Terror The extremists win for a bunch of reasons, including that they are more ruthless and better organized. Then they embark on a campaign of terror and virtue, ruthlessly purging the world of injustice and sin and vice.
Thermidor Humans cannot live forever in a fervor of holy rage; eventually the tension breaks and they fall back into a more normal life. But the solution typically involves a dictator, nationalism, and foreign conquest.
 I concluded with this:
Whether the collapse (or "reaction") ends in a Republican president and Congress with a mandate to do serious reform of the administrative welfare and regulatory state is another question.
What a wimp. I didn't have the depth of understanding to predict that the next president would be a Napoleonic character running to Make America Great Again.

But I did make the point that Obama and his acolytes saw themselves as conducting a revolution (with fundamental transformation) and the whole left activism culture sees itself as fighting injustice. When you let the moralists have full rein they conduct a reign of terror and virtue, as in "you will be made to care."

And ordinary people hate it. And fear it.

You can easily fit the Sixties into this mold. After the kids and the African Americans got into the streets for several years the "silent majority" wanted peace and quiet and Nixon for a few years.

There will always be plenty of kids to enlist as the foot soldiers in the reign of terror and virtue. Hello Bernie.

The thing about Donald Trump is that he doesn't seem to care about the activists and the virtuecrats on the left. That fits Vox Day's idea that the only way to deal with the left is to say: "We Don't Care." Vox Day also says that conservatism has failed because its strategy is defensive. Rule One of strategy is that defense fails, and the conservative approach to the left's cultural domination has mostly been to cower and hide to try and go along so that they won't single you out for humiliation.

Say what you like about Trump, but one thing he doesn't do is cower and hide. Now, the whole point of political leadership is that the world is a dangerous place and we need a fearless leader to confront the dangerous world and fill our hearts with courage and determination. Golly. I wonder why the white working class, now reported to be dying from despair (yeah, in The Atlantic!), has rallied to his banner.

I've said all along, from an incoherent burble in the 80s when I felt that conservatives weren't ready to exploit the tactical Reagan successes, that we can't turn America around until we have a religious/cultural movement that captures the hearts and the minds of a significant cohort of Americans. And I still don't see it.

What we do see, every day, is the ubiquitous presence of the left-wing activism culture and its reign of terror and virtue that is "peacefully protesting" into every corner of American life to insist that you be made to care.

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