Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Government by Executive Action is Not Just Wrong, It's Evil

If you want a sign that the current era of expert-led top-down administrative government is dying of its own internal contradictions, look no further than France.

The Socialists are going to bypass parliament in order to force through labor reforms administratively. From a BBC report:
The French cabinet has given the go-ahead for Prime Minister Manuel Valls to force through highly controversial labour reforms.

An extraordinary cabinet meeting invoked the French constitution’s rarely used Article 49.3, allowing the government to bypass parliament.

It came after rebel MPs from the governing Socialist party had vowed to vote down the bill.

The reforms will make it easier for employers to hire and fire workers. […]

The government says relaxing workers’ protection will encourage businesses to hire more people and help to combat chronic unemployment.
And, of course, the French are striking and protesting against the government's administrative actions.

Here in the US Hillary Clinton is proposing to go around Congress in order to enact her child care subsidy plan.

Just between you and me, I'd say that this represents a systemic failure. If you can't get to do the right thing through the normal political process, then maybe you shouldn't do anything at all.

Yes, I know. The normal labor law in the West is a foolish mess, because it gives workers property rights in their jobs that cannot be sustained in the market.  Yes, I know, child care costs are a huge burden, especially if you are a single mother.

But I say that if you can't get a majority in parliament to pass a law easing labor law rights and restrictions then you gotta wait until you can persuade the people to support a change. That's the idea of democracy, right? You run for office on a platform and that platform gives you a mandate for change, which you execute in the legislature. Consent of the governed, and all that.

And France got in this mess by pushing the poisonous idea that the woikers was bein' robbed! They got their rights! Actually, they don't, not unless they can force the costs of labor regulation off on consumers or "the rich." And now France is having to pay the piper for giving people rights that would gum up the economy.

You are outraged that families spend too much on child care? Then you run for office and try to persuade Congress to change the law. If Congress won't change it, then too bad. You better get out and persuade the American people to change Congress so you can change the law.

But wait, you say. We can't wait. People are suffering right now! The president needs to act. Well, you should have thought about that when you pushed the sexual revolution, when you made it OK for men to desert the mothers of their children, when you enacted welfare programs that made it easier for women to marry the state than to marry the fathers of their children, when you jacked housing costs into the stratosphere with subsidized mortgages and restrictive zoning.

I don't know how we are going to retreat from the gummed up mess of the big-government administrative state. I suppose that we won't until the whole structure literally freezes up and fails to deliver anything, so that people are forced to look elsewhere for the services that government presently monopolizes.

Of course, the Trump phenomenon feeds into this. Lots of people think that the government doesn't care about people like them; it only cares about out-and-proud liberal activist groups that grab the national bandwidth with their peaceful protesting and their march through the institutions.

But the Trumpers haven't looked around the corner. The problem is that all government is a waste and an injustice. It is pure power play, smashing down the clunking fist, and forcing them to pay for your goodies because you have the power. Don't forget that if you have the power today, you may not have the power tomorrow. If you really want to wive and thrive, then cut loose the government, its taxes and its injustices its administrations and its regulations, get a job, and don't ever think that you've got a job for life.

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