Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tie Clintons and Dems to the Rich, Writes Jay Cost

In the good old days, writes Jay Cost, the Democrats were for the little guy and the Republicans for the fat cats.
It used to be that the Republicans were the party of big business and Democrats the party of organized labor. The GOP charged that the Democrats were a bunch of socialists, and the Democrats responded that the GOP was a pack of plutocrats. But about 40 years ago, things started to change; labor began to decline, and new campaign finance laws allowed business to subsidize politics more thoroughly. In the 1980s, the Democrats responded by courting business energetically—yet they never ditched their claim that the GOP alone is elitist.
Nobody has done this better than the Clintons and their Clinton foundation which has hoovered up money from the rich and powerful all over the world. And yet Hillary Clinton has opened her campaign with the statement that
Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.
 The trouble is that while Republicans have argued against Big Government, Democrats have defined that as arguing against Social Security, Medicare and help for the downtrodden.

Republicans have signally failed to define Big Government as the friend of the 1%.
But what about corporate tax payouts? Or farm subsidies for the largest agribusinesses? Or regulations that effectively subsidize big companies by crowding out competitors? These issues would put Democrats in a quandary, for they would force Democratic candidates to defend the big-government programs that favor not the poor or the middle class, but the social and economic elites who have purchased seats at their party’s table.
Jefferson and Jackson built the Democratic Party on the idea that "big government inevitably favors the most powerful interests in society." Ronald Reagan ran on the same premise.

Jay Cost proposes that Hillary Clinton is offering the presidency on a platter to a Republican Party that could define her has the handmaiden of the rich and powerful.

And really why not? Big business, from Gates and Buffett to the high tech Tim Scotts and Google guys are all in the pocket of the Democrats. What's not to like about a Republican Party that scorns Big Business and the Clintons as out of touch elitists -- and their little media dogs too?

Yeah! Why not?

Because the dirty little secret is that the big programs in Big Government are in fact programs for the middle class: Social Security and Medicare. See usgovernmentspending.com for details.

Sure, there are tons of corporate welfare programs sucking billions out of the government and the economy. But the real money is in middle-class entitlements. And nobody wants to do anything about them, except crazed Republicans like small-town guy Paul Ryan that want them reformed before they run out of money.

I mean, are Republicans dumb or something? Why would anyone try to reform the entitlements before they had actually bankrupted the country and shot grandma off a cliff?

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