Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hillary Clinton the Poster Girl for Income Inequality

The liberal Hive has been buzzing louder and louder in recent years about "income inequality," and I understand why. Things aren't going too well in the US, economically speaking, and the solution, for a liberal, is obviously more government spending on Democratic clients and more taxes on "the rich."

But that runs up against a little problem. The really big bucks in government spending go for programs for seniors: Social Security, Medicare, and a big chuck of Medicaid. And seniors aren't interested in redistribution. We already got ours and we aren't about to give anything away to politicians in Washington.

Then there is the little problem of Hillary Clinton. She has been out recently descanting on "income inequality" and talking about how she has always fought for everyday Americans. She's even suggesting "toppling" the rich and dealing with hedge fund moguls. What a pity that her daughter is married to a Goldman Sachs alum, Marc Mezvinsky, who runs a hedge fund with two Goldman Sachs pals. My pal tells me that up-and-coming Goldman Sachs chappies are encouraged to marry into politics.

Then there's all the influence peddling Hillary Clinton's done that's exposed in Peter Schweizer's Clinton Cash.

Really, this almost amounts to divine intervention. Who would expect that the 2016 designated hitter for the Dems would be tied hand and foot to eevil Wall Street and the hedgies? Apparently Chelsea Clinton is now worth $15 million and doesn't care about money.

Of course the whole business about "income inequality" misses the point.

The whole point of the modern era is that it's no longer about dividing up the pie, equally or unequally. Here's what actor Terry Crews said to Adam Carolla on the subject (H/T Derek Hunter).
Everybody says they’re trying to get their piece of the pie. They don’t understand that the world is a kitchen. You can make your own pie.
Just a minute, pal. It used to be that the pie was pretty fixed. Nobody knew how to make their own pie. You either had land or you didn't; if you had land then you had pie. If not, not. But in the Great Enrichment of the last 200 years, people have been amazing the world with the most astonishing pies, starting with the textile revolution that invented cheap cotton clothes for the multitude. The chaps that baked that textile pie made a ton of money; but the real benefit was cheap cotton clothes for the millions.

Fast forward to Bill Gates. He made tens of billions from Microsoft creating software for personal computers; but the real benefit was cheap computers for the millions. Or Steve Jobs. He made billions from Apple, but the real benefit was cheap iPods for the tens of millions and iPhones for the hundreds of millions.

Bill Gates's billions don't take anything from my share of the pie. Bill Gates created a staggering new pie, a complete surprise. IBM thought they'd sell a few computers with Gates's software. They had no idea that they would take over the world. Ditto Jobs. He created that staggering pie, the smartphone, that is in the hands of billions of people worldwide.

But Hillary Clinton is different. The money she makes is influence money. People give money to her in the hope of a quid pro quo from the political power of the Clinton machine. Chelsea Clinton got a $600,000 job from NBC because NBC honchos wanted to be in good with the Clintons. In the Clinton business, nobody is making an incredible new pie that creates wealth for millions or even billions. What Hillary Clinton does when she collects $300,000 for a speech is collect tribute from a tributary power.

And the bottom line is this: If the Republican candidates for president can't make hay out of the Clinton influence machine and make a laughing stock of the Hillary Clinton then they ought to go into a different business.

If we are talking about redistributing the pie then the people with political power are going to be first in line.

The best hope for the non-powerful is for them or for someone else to invent a new pie. And then what they need is to keep the cotton-picking hands of the powerful off that pie for a while. Because when the powerful do get their hands on it, as in net neutrality, then it's Pie Nazi time: no more pie for you.

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