Friday, April 24, 2015

There's Always a Need for Organization and Political Discipline

I don't know where Kevin D. Williamson came from but, as my grandfather used to say, I like the cut of his jib. Writing about the California drought crisis he opines:
The Left, with the prominent advocacy of President Barack Obama, has argued that the challenge of global warming necessitates a new form of economic organization under political discipline.
Golly! What an astonishing idea, that a ginned up crisis requires a ginned up political response. The thing is, of course, that "organization" and "discipline" are two words that suggest "army" and "war." And as I say, politics and government are always looking for a war. Republicans tend to favor wars on non-Americans, as in wars on Commies and Terror. Democrats prefer wars on domestic enemies, like robber barons and conservative Christians, wars on want and accusing Republicans of wars on women. But Williamson isn't finished.
Never mind, for the moment, that the Left has been arguing for a new form of economic organization under political discipline for more than a century (the crisis changes every generation, but the identical solution endures)[.]
Yeah, it really doesn't change. Politics wants power and power wants politics: Organization! Discipline! Obey the leader! The only saving grace about our liberal friends is that they all live under the charming illusion that they are all short-sighted librarians that would never hurt a fly and just want us all to work together. For the children.

Trouble is that they are wrong. About the need for organization and political discipline.

If there is one surprising thing about the modern era it is that we seem to have discovered that many things, particularly in the economic sphere, can best be done without "economic organization under political discipline." In fact, given the record of the modern era you might be excused for feeling that economic organization under political discipline is precisely the wrong way for social humans to get economic things done. The Soviet Union, Maoist China, and even Nehru's India come to mind.

But that doesn't seem to matter to many people. Because if you have an appetite for politics, you can also smell things that need organization from a mile away. Or if you can't smell anything you'll go out and find something, dammit, that needs organization and political discipline.

Nicholas Wade in The Faith Instinct:
Men like power and will seize it if they can. But if they cannot rule their next preference is that no one rule over them.
If there is one thing that liberals all believe it is that they are born to be the one benevolent and beneficent Oz to rule over us. If there is one other thing that liberals believe it is that no racist, sexist, homophobe conservative should ever rule over them.

If there is one thing about the current scene that disturbs me it is that our liberal friends don't seem to be that concerned about the possibility that one day, maybe as soon as January 20, 2017, an evil Republican president, evilly assisted by a evil Republican Congress full of gap-toothed fundamentalist Christians, will be in power, hell-bent on destroying every good thing that progressives have striven for over a century to bring to the American people.

I mean, are they dumb or something?

The answer, I fear, is: Yes they are. They talk to each other in their little liberal bubble and don't appreciate that there are millions of people out there who are fit to be tied by the ethos and the actions of the Obama liberals. Liberals really don't have a clue.

The amazing thing about the modern era is that government has never been so powerful. And yet it has never been so clear that limits on government are essential to promote human welfare. Never have humans come up with more ways to justify more government. Yet never has it been more obvious that we the people should say "stuff it" to 97% of today's political projectors and their wonderful plans for organization and political discipline.

OK, Wiki says that Kevin Williamson was born in Texas. I guess that explains a lot.

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