Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Liberalism is Revolution Theme Park

It's taken half a century, but I finally got to stumble over Crane Brinton's Anatomy of a Revolution. It's a comparative study of the four great European revolutions: English, American, French, and Russian.

And it's helped me understand liberals better.

Crane's analysis is that the four revolutions follow a similar script. First there's the failure of the old regime, usually involving running out of other peoples' money. Then there's the moderate phase, where the moderates take over from the old regime. Then there's the radical coup d'etat and the Terror. Finally there's the Thermidorean reaction where the new regime settles into a military dictatorship.

How do liberals fit into this? They want to play at radicals, strut around like Jacobins, acting in bold strokes in a dangerous moment when everything is up for grabs and nobody is safe.

But, of course, they are completely delusional; they are constructing a Disney World of radicalism for themselves. They are not Lenins and Robespierres pulling off a daring coup d'etat in the face of the muddlesome moderates and general confusion of a revolutionary period. They are playing at radicalism and revolution.

We see this first of all in Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. Alinsky's Rules for community organizing only work because the revolution is over and liberals own the culture and the legal system. Don't you try making the liberals follow their own rules.

We see it in the foolish virgins running the campus "rape culture" activism, and in this young woman who organized a diversity meeting at which whites and males were disinvited (H/T Instapundit).
I am particularly interested in looking at the gendered body in Japanese pornographic anime and horror through a Foucauldian framework in order to analyse the West’s gaze upon a world it attempts to categorize.  My politics are intersectional, queer, feminist, anti-racist . . . I am a working class, Turkish Cypriot, queer, disabled woman and activist.
You can't just be an "activist" these days; you have to amp it up.

We see it in the whole LGBT circus from gay marriage to transsexualism. I get it. Who would want to be a boring heterosexual and get married and have children? But let's not just go off into a corner and get creative about sex. Oh no. That would never do. Let us take our hunger for adventure and danger and make it into a political movement. Gays have been marginalized and oppressed for centuries! Transphobia is oppression and must be stamped out! Teach the bigoted Christian bakers a lesson they will never forget!

We see it in the pathetic "Black Lives Matter" movement, apparently funded by Soros money, that is stupidly destroying black neighborhoods in Missouri and now Baltimore. It may be dandy for liberals to shake their heads about institutional racism and think up new programs to end generational injustice. But this sort of activism has been failing to improve black lives for fifty years.

All these people are playing at Jacobins -- or, if you like, Puritans of the English revolution from 1642 to 1660. They want the purity, the excitement of revolution! A battle against evil! They want to humble the bigots and the hypocrites, and teach them a lesson! And above all, they want to be relevant.

But there's only one little problem. They are not radicals; they are not revolutionaries. They are the little darlings of the ruling class. They are doing exactly what they have been taught by their government teachers, their government professors, and government-paid activists.

And so really they are just the educated-class equivalent of Disney enthusiasts, taking the kids down to a plastic theme park for some thrills.

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