Thursday, April 30, 2015

Obama Has Ended Race Conflict, But Not the Way You Think

Here's a prognostication. We will look back at all the race-hyping of the Obama era -- the beer summit, "cowards on race," Trayvon, Ferguson, "loosies," Baltimore -- as the straws that broke the camel's back on race.

Here we are today with two Republicans pushing back on race. First there is good old Donald Trump pushing back on the Freddie Gray episode. Then we have Ted Cruz accusing the president of enflaming race relations:
I think he has not used his role as president to bring us together. He has exacerbated racial misunderstandings, racial tensions, from back at the beer summit to a series of efforts to pit Americans against each other. And, part of the problem is the way he advocates for any given plan, is to build a straw man of the opposition and then to vilify their position.
The whole point of America's First Black President was that we would compose our racial differences and enter a post-racial era. Remember that?

But we pretty soon found out that Obama wasn't the guy to deliver on that. We now know why. First of all, Obama thinks like a lefty racist, using the identity politics invented by the Frankfurt School chappies. But the really important reason is the Democratic Party, the Coalition of the Fringes. It needs to have racial, sexual, and class divisions in order to win elections. So race politics was never going to go away as long as it worked as a club to beat white Americans.

Donald Trump is who he is, but Ted Cruz is a sharp operator. If he thinks he can work the Obama race angle to win the Republican nomination and then the presidency, then we may be entering a new era.

We'll be entering the new era not because Obama reconciled the races, but because decent Americans are sick to the back teeth of race cards and race bullying, and the "angrying up" of African Americans right before elections so they'll get out to vote.

This Baltimore thing has turned a corner. After all, it couldn't be racism because the mayor is black, the police chief is black, and the cops are majority-minority. So Obama and Hillary Clinton are out waffling about too many people in jail and programs to help.

But you know what? If the Democrats go into 2016 arguing for special programs for blacks the rest of the country is going to be asking: what about us?

In the Obama economy it's not just the usually marginalized and historically oppressed that are feeling the bad economy and the failure to thrive. It's the average American.

Now we are hearing that the economy may be in a soft patch and the Fed has decided not to come off its zero interest rate policy, not just yet. You mean to say that after all the bailouts and stimulus and special deals for special interests the economy still isn't growing? Maybe it's the bad weather. Or maybe it's global warming.

Or maybe it's the grow-government policy of the Obama administration.

This isn't that hard. All government, all of it, is a weight on the economy. The more government, the more regulation, the more subsidy, the more that the attention of Americans is diverted away from working to provide for others and the more that Americans learn to go to government to get a special carve-out. And each carve-out takes a little bit from economic growth and allocates the resources, human or natural, that might have grown the economy to some special interest on the basis of political power and force.

In 2016 the American people won't be thinking economics or spending cuts or flat taxes or roll-backs of expensive regulation like Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank. They'll just be thinking it is Time for a Change. On race, on jobs, on everything.

Because, Americans will say, under Obama things just aren't working.

And so, President Obama will be the most consequential president in modern times. He will be the Jimmy Carter of the early 21st century, the man that drove his party into a ditch: on jobs, on race, on everything.

And he will have ended race conflict because people will just say: "We Don't Care."

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