Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Conservatism: What Comes Next

The Zman is doing what I am doing, trying to imagine what comes next. He says that conservatism has failed, but that the Left is hysterical for a reason.
Their anger starts from the secret sense that their moral framework is no longer relevant. They are unable to quantify or even comprehend it. They just sense it, like an ill wind. Like primitives confronted with some natural mystery, the men and women defending the established order are in a defensive panic at the shadow of change falling on the West.
Yes. But what is going wrong? What is the natural mystery that the current rulers do not understand? Well I say that the left's  problem is a failure of prophecy. Everything they said was going to happen hasn't happened. They said that worker rights and entitlements and welfare would make the lower classes live happily ever after. Didn't happen. They said that civil rights and then affirmative action and then diversity and inclusion would end racism and sexism. Didn't happen. In fact the left seems to feel that the world is suffering from a plague of racists, sexists, and homophobes right now. So they are beside themselves.

What should come next on the right?
Whether one chooses to call what comes next an alternative Right or something else, it must be a genuine alternative. The main reason conventional conservatism failed in its opposition to the Left is that it was not an alternative to liberalism. It was a slightly different implementation of it. What replaces conservatism cannot start from the same error, but must be a radical departure from both Left and Right, as commonly understood. It must be a radical alternative to the prevailing morality.
Now, I don't think that way, the logical, reasonable way. I think that everything is religion. I think that the left's anger is a failure of prophecy.They had an idea of a perfect world and determined to create it. But their prophetic system failed: millions of dead, and millions of people diverted into the neo-feudalism of the welfare state. But, like any religious believers, they are unable to think outside the box. And the way of the world is that when your prophecy fails your religious group falls apart, because people don't join a group whose prophecy has failed. But not right away.

What was the error of conservatism? I guess my answer would be that conservatism never thought itself in a competition with the left. Conservatives believed that their way was practical and logical and that anyone would logically and rationally agree with them in due course. But the real game at the time was to compete for the votes of the working class, to play the game of loot and plunder in return for votes, because that was what appealed to the workers. Conservatives didn't do that because they didn't believe in an auction for votes, and that the workers wouldn't really benefit from being the beneficiaries of loot and plunder. Whaddya do when you think that politics is not really the most important thing in the world and you are competing against people that believe that politics is the very essence of life?

But what does "a radical alternative to the current morality" mean? Traditional conservativism with backbone? Christiantiy plus nationalism? Cuture war on the left? Zman doesn't say, and that's the end of the article.

Well, I have thought about what comes next. It is about all I think about, and the bottom line for me is that conservatives or traditionalists or whatever need to radically raise our game. The basic issue is that we need a new religion, one that understands and goes beyond traditional religions like Christianity and Judaism. Our new religion will also understand the secular religion of the left. It will understand and correct the flaws that have led to millions of dead and vile, unjust totalitarian regimes wherever lefties have had sway. And it will also understand the spiritual needs of people who, just a minute ago, were subsistence farmers. And now the time is about right to do something about this.

My feeling is that the left had to run its course, had to betray its working class clients, had to lead women astray, had to confine blacks in a racial walled garden, had to ruin education and make college unaffordable, had to utterly bury itself in corruption, had to propose a ludicrous end-of-the-world climate change, had to get to a failure of prophecy before it got to the point it could realize that something was wrong.

And above all, non-lefties had to get to a place where they created a world view that comprehended the victims of the world and comprehended the left, and then constructed a moral universe that understood the just yearnings of people just entering the city economy from centuries of peasanthood and also the yearnings of intellectuals, revolutionaries, and activists.

This world view would have judgements about the just demands of the workers while demanding that workers learn to master the city's ways, because we are all citizens -- i.e., "bourgeois," now. That includes accepting the market economy and the fact that nothing, especially no job, is forever.

This world view would also sit in judgement on the educated class. It would recognize its legitimate yearning to live a creative life that is not just responsible but aspires to make an original contribution to human society. But this world view would also deny the right of cultural domination and political hegemony that the educated class presently considers its right and that has led to tens of millions of deaths, and brutal oppressive regimes wherever leftism has had sway.

And I mean that all lefties need to learn that every lefty regime that ever was, and doubtless ever will be, is necessary violent, unjust, murderous. This is no longer debatable. It has been the one definite fact of the last century.

Now I think I have solved all this. Yes, me. Little old me.

I think that my reductive Three Peoples theory comprehends workers and victims, the ordinary middle class, and the educated class and understands why they believe different things and want different things from life, from work, from culture, and from politics.

I think that my Great Reaction critique of the left illustrates why it has failed in almost all its projects and why, at its worst, it is the most evil political-religious-cultural movement that has ever come upon the Earth.

And I think that the German turn, through Kant, Nietzsche, and Jung, comprehends what creative people want and also specifies what they should want and what they must be categorically restrained from wanting and doing. In other words, it outlines what the religion of a creative person should be and also why the current religion of creative people is evil and disastrous.

Ι think also that Jordan B. Peterson is getting close to this, because his Maps of Meaning builds on the German turn. And his 12 Rules clearly speaks to the hunger for a code of responsibility in the modern American male.

But there is lots more to be done.

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