Monday, October 7, 2019

Women Stressed: What Does It Mean

I saw one of the usual pieces about women and stress yesterday.
The study, conducted by the Meredith Corporation and The Harris Poll, found that women across generations feel more stressed, tired, overwhelmed, anxious and burned out across every aspect of their lives than in the past — and significantly more so than their male counterparts.
Hmm. I always wonder about this. Because I think that the culture is teaching women to feel stress. When two women meet for Kaffee Klatsch they will probably try to outdo each other on the stress front.

In a way this is baloney, because, come on, girls. Could you be more stressed than the average woman of years gone by that lost half of her babies in the first year of life? Or that endured the "stress" of famine in a dry year?

But there is amother side to this. Talking about stress is a girl thing. No man should ever admit to stress. "Suck it in, baby." That's the guy approach to stress. Because the whole point of being a man is boldly to "outdare the dangers of the time." Of course, most men do not measure up to that, but we wish we did, and we honor the man that does. In other words, men honor the Sacrificial Hero.

But what about women?

I dug around in my Jung stuff, looking for the Great Mother. Not to mention the Terrible Mother. And I thought: this is all guy stuff. This is women as experienced by men. So, if women don't like stress, which is to say, danger, then What Do Women Want? Or Expect?

I realized that I really did not have a good handle on this. So, I went off on a bookstore run, in a bad frame of mind, looking for a Tolkien biography -- after watching the movie Tolkien on the plane -- and some Herman Wouk stuff.-- because of reading The Caine Mutiny. There, if you like, is an example of the guy thing. Never mind if the captain of your ship is a coward and a monster. You don't get to mutiny in order to save your miserable lives, guys.

Anyway, guess what happened. I stumbled into a 1984 book Caring: A Feminine Approach to Ethics and Moral Education by Nel Noddings. I didn't buy it; I couldn't bear to. But it goes into great detail about the moral situation of the carer and the cared-for. Etc. Nel Noddings, 90, had 10 children, and became a math teacher before getting a PhD in Education. Yeah, that was back in the day, when girls went to college and majored in Math. Only later did they discover that they really wanted to become teachers.

The point is clear. OK, for guys, it's all about the descent into the unconscious to slay the monster therein and become a Sacrificial Hero.

But for women, it's about becoming a Carer and a Teacher. Period. This is so obvious that it is ridiculous. Watch a mother out in public with her children and what is she doing? She is caring for them, making sure they don't get into danger, and she is instructing them. Dear God how she is instructing them.

Another thing about women. They love to go to school and learn. Any excuse, and they are off to the local university to take a course.

Now the point is that Learning and Caring and Teaching is what comes naturally to women. And I suggest the reason that modern women are all dying of stress is that the feminists have insisted that women should be like men, and bravely outdare the dangers of the time and do anything men can do, such as become superheroes and fighter pilots.

But all the superhero and fighter pilot and CEO stuff is keeping women away from Learning and Caring and Teaching. So they feel miserable and stressed.

Back to guys. Being a Sacrificial Hero does not come naturally to men. We have to be carefully taught. Well, actually, we have to decide to slay the monster within, the rapey, piratical monster within, in order to rise to the occasion, which is to die heroically on the border between Order and Chaos so that others -- principally I imagine women and children -- may live. And need I say, we men really don't want to have to rise to the occasion. It's too hard. We don't like to go to school; that's why we have Shakespeare's schoolboy "creeping like a snail unwillingly to school." In order to make soldiers out of us they send us to boot camp, which is an exercise in humiliation.

But women are good little girls; they will dutifully Learn and Care and Instruct without being forced to because it is right there in their genes and in human culture from the dawn of time. And you are not allowed to humiliate them.

Feminists want women to be just like men only better. So women find themselves having to be superheroes and fighter pilots as well as Learners, Carers, and Teachers. And it is driving them mad. Or "stressed" as we say.

We can see women pushing back against this. In the "microaggression" thing; in "safe spaces." And of course in the whole sexual harassment thing. Women want to be safe. They expect to be safe and the reason is obvious. Women need to be safe in order to be Learners and Carers and Teachers.

Any questions?

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