Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Neo-Feudalism is not an Accident

Yesterday I wrote a piece on the over-under coalition that our ruling class runs.  It's a joint effort of the People of the Creative Self and the People of the Tribal Self.  The People of the Creative Self want to rule, and the People of the Tribal Self want to belong and to get free stuff.

Now I find that everyone is writing the same thing.  Fred Bauer writes about the "new feudalism." He references Joel Kotkin's argument that California is calcifying into a neo-feudal society with a ruling class of oligarchs (tech and finance) and clerisy (media and government) backed up by an increasing corps of serfs (working and non-working poor).  The middle class of yeomen get to be the piggy in the middle.

The problem is, of course, that neo-feudalism leads to neo-stasis, neo-inflation, neo-injustice, and neo-cruelty.  Because Hayek, the settled science that a political elite cannot organize a prosperous society because the job is just too big for politics.  But liberal fundamentalists think that their old-time statist religion is good enough for them and if it's good enough for them it better be good enough for the rest of us or else.  Don't bother them with the science!

The point is that this neo-feudalism was baked in the cake way back in the beginning of the rule of the educated ruling class a century ago.  Indeed, that's probably why Bismarck liked government social insurance for the Germans: he was a genuine feudalist, not a cheap neo- version!

In this dispiriting time of Obama malaise we can take comfort that the internal contradictions of neo-feudalism are finally eating the ruling class alive.  The Obamacare mess is a direct result of imagining that with a 2,000 page bill and a stack of regulations you can reorganize health care.  The immigration mess is a result of the ruling class not being serious about defending the border and telling the people of Central America with nods and winks that they are all welcome to come and join the serfs.

It's interesting to read the report of a meeting on "June 30 between President Barack Obama and a host of leftist pro-amnesty groups including the Center for American Progress, the Service Employees International Union, the National Immigration Law Center, and the Leadership Council on Civil Rights."
Obama did most of the talking, promising the groups that he would take executive action to slow deportations and grant legal status to millions of undocumented workers. Obama also said he would criticize Congress for its lack of action on immigration reform, ignoring the fact nobody on Capitol Hill trusts the president to carry out any laws they’d pass.
But the president still made the activists unhappy, because he "argued forcefully that the U.S. had to signal its intent to enforce the law through deportations" and he told the groups that he had to enforce the law.  For them, open borders is a moral issue.

It's also a moral issue for the rest of us.

The truth is that neo-feudalism is not just a power thing, it's a religion.  And the only thing that will cure liberals of their religion is utter destruction at the polls.

But first we need a cultural renaissance that floods the zone with a love of freedom and responsible individualism.  That's because, as Andrew Breitbart said, politics is downstream from culture, and right now liberal culture is dominant. In fact, liberals are ramming their culture down our throats.

Who knows, maybe the day we pluck up the courage to tell the liberal Savonarolas and Torquemadas to take their hate and shove it we will find that a freedom culture has been there all along.

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