Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Liberals say Ted Cruz isn't very smart

One of the eternal verities, to liberals, is that Republican politicians aren't too smart.

George W. Bush was notably stupid -- except that he had better grades than John Kerry.  Ronald Reagan was an "amiable dunce" when he wasn't a dangerous extremist.  And Ike was an aging bumbler who liked to golf in the afternoons.

It all probably got started when Alice Roosevelt Longworth wrote that Calvin Coolidge looked like he had been "weaned on a pickle."  And Dorothy Parker, upon learning that Coolidge had died, reportedly remarked, "How can they tell?"

Har de har har.

Now the meme is getting started on Ted Cruz.  Unfortunately, with Cruz there's a bit of a problem on the stupid front because Cruz went to Princeton and Harvard Law. Here's Wikipedia with six (!) citations:
Referring to Cruz's time as a student at Harvard Law, Professor Alan Dershowitz said, "Cruz was off-the-charts brilliant."
Then Cruz went on to clerk for a federal appeals court judge and then clerked for Chief Justice Rehnquist on the US Supreme Court.

You can see the problem for the liberal "GOP stupid" brigade.  Cruz has a perfect educational resume that any liberal would kill for.

So there must be something else wrong with him.  And here it is (H/T NRO).

According to Nathan Robinson at Salon: “The ‘Ted Cruz is smart’ trap: Why this garbage is false — and dangerous.”  You see, according to the folks who know Ted Cruz has never changed his mind.
David Panton, Cruz’s law-school roommate and college debate partner, who told The New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin: “Ted’s views today politically are almost identical to when I met him. There’s nothing he says today that I didn’t hear in college.” “Ted Cruz,” Robinson declares, “does not in his life ever seem to have taken on board a single challenge to his worldview”
Golly.  I mean, like, has Barack Obama, like, ever taken on board a single challenge to his worldview? Like, ev-er?

You can see the quandary liberals are in.  They can't really take the usual route of making Cruz stupid because he hadn't punched his ticket at all the liberal way-stations.  Did you know, darling, that Ronald Reagan never even clerked for a district judge, let alone the Supreme Court.  Not our kind, darling.

So Ted Cruz has to be rigid, ideological, inflexible, a guy that hasn't grown into a liberal world view.  In fact Cruz is a scandal.  How come, how come that a naive immigrant's sone didn't get converted to the liberal world view in the liberal secular seminary?  That's what college is for, after all.  Somehow the system failed, and I suspect sabotage from the Koch Brothers.

OK, liberals, go ahead and underestimate Ted Cruz.

Remember back in Fall 2013 when Ted Cruz did his 21 hour filibuster.  "Everyone" said it was a stupid gesture that made Republicans look like obstructionists.

But then I got an email from my sister suggesting that Ted Cruz was her man.

You see, liberals, if you are a conservative in these Obama dog days, the one thing that really annoys you is that nobody is willing to stand up and take the fight to Obama.  And we know why.  It's because anyone that criticizes Obama gets called out as a racist.  (Hey, maybe I'll never vote for a non-white-male again unless they are to the right of Attila the Hun.  Because what's the point of voting for America's First Whatever unless you get a hall pass?)

When Ted Cruz staged his photo-op filibuster he was telling people like me and my sister that he's willing to fight for us.

Oh yeah, I know.  It was all staged, a photo op that was never going to roll back Obamacare.  What was the point? But then you could say the same about all politics.  It is all staged, a sham fight, or as I like to say "civil war by other means."

But there was a point to the filibuster.  The point was to communicate to the frustrated GOP faithful that here was a guy who would stand up for us, and fight for us.  And the message came through loud and clear.

But go ahead liberals.  Get your "Ted Cruz is dumb or something" meme going.  Just don't forget that when liberals say a conservative has "grown" it's a sign to us that he's betrayed us in order to go along to get along inside the Beltway.

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  1. Science is based on facts. Ted Cruz doesn't believe in science. From that we can deduce that Ted Cruz isn't very smart. The end.