Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It's Not the Economy, Stupid!

A big hinge-point in my adult life from 1968 to now is the Turn of 1998.  That's when nice kindly women voters decided that since the federal budget was in surplus it was time for government to "do" stuff again.

No! No! No!  That's what I wanted to bellow to the soccer moms back then.  Everything government does is a mess; everything it does is a waste, from the Pentagon down to midnight basketball.  If you girls want a nice kindly society where people help each other, then start helping each other.  You ain't gonna get it from bigger government.

I return to 1998 today because of Michael Barone's piece about Obama's poll troubles.  It's not about the lackluster economy, writes Barone; the economy is growing, so things can't be too bad on the economic front.

No, Obama's problem is that the world on his watch is becoming noticeably disorderly.  And the distaff side notices that keenly.  Mr. President, Is It Safe? That's what women always ask.
Americans, unlike voters in many other countries, demand the maintenance of order in the world as well in their own nation. From the early days of the republic, there has been an unspoken awareness that what happens in the world affects their own lives.
The fact is that, under Obama, it is not safe.  The border is not safe, Chicago is not safe, the Middle East is not safe.  If we get down to the economy, well, the economy is not safe either.  And don't get me started on the federal budget.

In other words, the world is in a situation where US women have started to worry again about the safety of their loved ones.

Let's rehearse the model of the Democrats as the Mommy Party and the Republicans as the Daddy Party.  Women are always ready to forgive their loved ones for their folly, and slip Junior a $20 bill while Daddy isn't watching, while Daddy always wants the kids to learn the hard way.  But when things get hot and heavy then women rely on men to do the heavy lifting -- i.e. fighting -- to get the world back in order again.

Back in the 1970s the world was coming unstuck and so women found themselves supporting the rough tough Ronald Reagan, even though all the good and the great told them he was an extremist. Women knew it was Daddy Time. But 20 years later all seemed right with the world so women were ready to start slipping $20 bills to delinquent Junior again.

Today, it's obvious that we have squandered the legacy of Ronald Reagan, so the voters are coming to see that it's time to square up and restore order.

But it's such a shame that we can't learn from the past.  It's not that hard.  Government is only good for fighting wars.  Come peace time we should roll government up and deliver social services to our less fortunate brethren ourselves. To delegate the job to lifer bureaucrats and power-hungry activists and politicians is utter folly.  But hey, who can say No to free stuff?

At least we can thank President Obama and the Obamis for showing us how clueless and mindless and useless government can be. From the TSA to the VA and every IRS in between.

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