Friday, July 4, 2014

Is Obama Channeling Kaiser Bill?

Remember dear old Kaiser Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany?  He was notorious as a shallow man that mouthed off when he should have kept quiet.  And he was good at divisive politics, riling Germans up against each other, and Germany against the rest of Europe.

And it didn't end well for the Germans and for Germany.

Now we have an American head of state, President Barack Obama, that seems to incarnate the worst features of Kaiser Bill.  He's shallow, and he's careless with the partisan rhetoric.  And he's too lazy to bring different interests together to solve problems.  Did he really believe his words in 2004 when he electrified his fellow Democrats?
There is not a liberal America and a conservative America. There is a United States of America. There is not a black America and a white America, a Latino America, an Asian America — there’s the United States of America.
Roger L. Simon brings all this up on the Fourth of July to ask a question:
How do we become — on this Fourth of July — the United States of America again? 
Yes indeed.  What must we do to become again that last best hope of mankind on earth?

Simon has a simple message.  Let's get over ourselves.  We conservatives may have the better ideas, but we certainly aren't perfect.  So let's get out this Fourth of July and talk to our liberal and independent friends.  Let's not say I told you so.  Let's commiserate with them.
Don’t point to the polls and brag “I told you so!”  Commiserate with them instead.  You and they are Americans, after all, as Barack Obama once said and then forgot or ignored, and it is our great country that has come to this pass.  And, as we all know, as America goes, so goes the world.
Things are too serious for gloating and end-zone dances.  We are all Americans, and it's up to us to fix things.  If we won't do it, who will?

The good thing about the current crisis is that after the Bush years, when liberals persuaded themselves that Bush was uniquely stupid (for following policies, mostly, that the Clinton administration set up in the 1990s), the liberal answer in Obama has been an unqualified disaster.

Back in 2009 liberals thought that all they had to do was turn the Keynesian levers and all would be well.  They didn't even have to ease up on the entitlements and wait for the economy to recover.  Full speed ahead on the liberal agenda!

Instead they have been totally bushwhacked.  Nothing has worked the way they thought it should, the way they knew it would because they are, after all, the smart people, the evolved people.

So now liberals are going to be a lot more humble than they used to be.

Maybe now we can get together and do some stuff to fix the economy and the corrupted government.

But maybe not, because of the damage that the second coming of Kaiser Bill has wreaked upon the body politic with his divisive presidency.

There's a reason why presidents try to unify the country and don't normally rag on the opposition too much.  They know, or somebody tells them, that if they don't reach out to the opposition, the opposition won't be there to lend a hand when a president needs support from everyone.

So the first thing to do is to heal the partisan wounds that President Obama has so cruelly opened up in America's body politic.

Then we Americans can get to work.

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