Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Interpreting a Smirk in 2019

Hey Catholics! Any of you guys planning to vote Democrat any time soon after the Covington kids free-for-all?
Considering that liberal Democratic senators now want to apply religious tests on Catholic judge nominees. 
Considering that your average Twitter leftie looks at a clean cut Catholic high-school kid trying to be polite to a mostly peaceful protester drumming right in his face and sees a racist sexist white supremacist smirk.
Yeah it's interesting. Your average Twitter mobster looks at a clean-cut white kid trying to be polite and sees a monster. Not to mention having nothing to say about a bunch of African Americans spewing racist sexist homophobic bile at a bunch of white kids.

Yeah it's interesting. It's nothing for a bunch of leftie mostly peaceful counter-protesters to insult pro-lifers at the annual March for Life. Nothing to see here.

But imagine if a bunch of MAGA-hat wearers showed up at the sacred (and anti-semitic) Women's March. I am not talking about them showing up and shouting "build the wall," or marching around with fife and drum playing Yankee Doodle and singing "Baby Ir's Cold Outside." I am talking about some MAGA folks just showing up at a sacred lefty mostly peaceful protest. Imagine the outcry! Imagine the doxxing! Imagine the vile threats! Imagine the foaming lefties throwing themselves on the ground in a rage about white supremacy and toxic masculinity!

If you are a mom, what do you think about the possibility that your polite teenage son could be traduced from one end of Twitter to the other? Imagine mostly peaceful lefties interfering with your son's college applications. Whaddya think of that?

If you are a dad, what do you think about the American Psychological Association deciding that the normal masculine traits that you are teaching your son are an expression of "toxic masculinity?" Whaddya think of that?

Now, I believe that my reductive Three Peoples theory explains the whole procedure. What we have in America and on all the ships at sea is a natural tendency among the special People of the Creative Self to regard the ordinary People of the Responsible Self as less than human, or at the very least, limited, rigid, superstitious and bigoted.

This is a natural tribal instinct, and that is why certain wise heads developed the notion of tolerance, the separation of church and state, or belief systems and force systems. The idea was to keep our natural tribal instincts down to a dull roar, and let other people live according to their lights, even if there lights were rather dim.

You see, when you are a creative person the basis of your world view is that the established cultural memes are there to be broken. Nobody, you think, should just accept the mores and the beliefs of yesteryear. The meaning of life, the universe and everything, you believe, is to break the mold, to create something new: break old sexual roles, both in bed and out of it, break old ways in art and literature, etc. Transvaluation of all values, baby. And if you don't agree you are a racist sexist homophobe.

Well, I say that such an attitude is great among People of the Creative Self. But I say it is utterly wrong to insist that everybody else believe in and practice your religion of creativity. Because, as my Three Peoples theory explains, there are also in this world People of the Responsible Self and their belief system says that you should live your life as a responsible individual according to well-established religious and cultural rules about how men should behave, how women should behave, and how children should be raised. You think that your religion of creativity gets to impose itself on all the other religions of the world? Just between you and me, pal, I think that your attitude is a recipe for religious war.

And suppose that you chaps of the Creative Self lost that religious war? What would you do then, poor things?

My warrant for my belief is the lesson that the People of the Creative Self, the Educated Youth of the 19th century, taught the People of the Responsible Self, the bourgeoisie way back when. Educated Youth -- like Marx, Engels, and the British Fabians -- said that it was monstrous -- not to mention unjust -- of the bourgeoisie to insist on a society of individualism, markets, and laissez faire, and impose it on the working class. The working class wanted the protection of labor unions, of wage-and-hour laws, of government-run social insurance, and they had a right to insist on it, and pass laws to institutionalize it. Maybe some day they would want to become People of the Responsible Self, but right now they wanted society to protect them from the harsh winds of corporate power and market prices.

And you know what? The bourgeoisie basically accepted this critique; they gave the workers the vote and the workers voted for government benefits and the combinations in restraint of trade implied by organizing into labor unions.

Speaking as an upper-middle-class person I am perfectly willing to be taxed to support social insurance programs for the workers-- not to mention widows and orphans. But I don't want to be forced to be enrolled in them. In other words, I want the right to be a responsible person and take care of my own retirement income through personal savings and investment, and I want to be responsible for my own end-of-life medical and custodial care.

But the Educated Youth of the 19th century and the educated ruling class of today deny me the right to be a responsible individual in these central issues of life. The educated rulers arrogate to themselves and their supporters the right to dominate and control the People of the Responsible Self and make them march to their idea of justice; they deny ordinary responsible people the freedom to organize their lives in their own way according to their own lights.

See what I mean? Back in the day lefties demanded that the middle class adjust the political system to accommodate the workers. Today the lefties demand that the right to adjust the political and cultural system to suit themselves, and to hell with the People of the Responsible Self as mere "deplorables,"

So I say that the lefty People of the Creative Self are cruel and unjust, and violate their own sacred principles of inclusion and diversity and compassion for those less fortunate, less educated, less evolved than themselves.

And that is why I think that ordinary Catholics -- not to mention ordinary moms and ordinary dads -- are slowly coming to see that the Democratic Party and the Twitter thugs are not their kind of people and that it is not likely that they will be voting Democratic much in future elections. Because justice.

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