Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Creating a New Cultural Narrative

A few posts ago I wrote about the need for a new culture, one that would speak to the educated creative classes and five them a new birth of meaning to replace their current evil religion of activism and identity politics.

But then today I read a piece by David Marcus bemoaning that we don't have original movies and TV shows today that everybody gets to see and share that creates a common cultural narrative. We don't get big audience for landmark TV shows like All in the Family and M.A.S.H because the TV audience is fragmented, and the top ten movies are overwhelmingly Marvel-type superhero movies.

To which I say: thank goodness. All in the Family and M.A.S.H were supercilious products that are taught a generation to sneer at the white working class and the Cold War. And they succeeded. Today you can only reach a mass audience with simplistic superhero movies, because the mass audience is not that interested in the usual lefty dreck that is drenched in lefty politics and approved identity-politics role mandates. What a good thing that people just aren't interested in that stuff. Because it means that the stage is empty. All we need to do is invent a new cultural narrative, one that resonates with peoples' lives and help them make sense of the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

(You may think that I am making a joke with this oft-repeated quote from Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but I assure you that I am not. It is a deadly serious statement that explains why every human society has a religion.)

One email response to my culture post said that the answer was direct spiritual encounter with God
My own experience has been that anyone who tries to use religion as a middleman between themselves and Spirit is going to be deceived.
Agreed, but only a few people have the spiritual chops for a direct encounter with Spirit. That is why most people want gurus and religious leaders to do the heavy lifting.

On Instapundit Sarah Hoyt says not to panic. We'll get indie movies in due course and everything will be all right.

And we will all get to share a new cultural narrative.

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