Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Middlebury is Feckless, According to Murray

Libertarian scholar Charles Murray has now written down his view of the Middlebury College incident where lefty college students shouted him down before he could give a talk on his book Coming Apart at the college and students later shoved a Middlebury College professor to the ground and injured her. He calls it "Fecklessness at Middlebury."

According to Murray the ordinary students that were captured on video shouting down his proposed talk were given "probation," and the ones that took "an especially prominent role in the episode" are receiving "college discipline."

Murray has a different idea of the discipline that should have been handed down. He thinks that the students identified on video protesting in the hall should have been suspended for the rest of the term, and those involved in the assault on Murray and a female professor, Allison Stanger, should have been referred for criminal prosecution.

I have to say that if this course of action had been followed the SJWs and special snowflakes all across the land would soon have got the message.

When you compare the two approaches to the incident at Middlebury College one thing comes out clearly. The college is encouraging its students to do more of the same. The college is saying, by its actions, that it has to Do Something, for PR purposes, to pretend that the protesters did something wrong. But really the students were doing the Lord's work. Because racism is racism, and must be opposed by all woke progressives else the arc of history will fail to bend towards justice. Certainly Charles Murray should be opposed anywhere and everywhere, because The Bell Curve. Not that any liberal ever read the book.

I was inclined to think that Murray's "fecklessness" headline was giving the liberal bureaucrats too much slack. Because this culture of excusing the street thugs of progressivism from the reach of the criminal law is monstrous. Haven't liberals been telling us since forever how unjust it was for the Weimar authorities in Germany to turn a blind eye to the Nazi street thugs of the 1920s?

But then I decided that "fecklessness" is probably appropriate, because your average college administrator and/or professor is a klueless klot that doesn't know nothing about nothing. All they know is the latest liberal line handed down from the ruling class in the latest vile liberal talking points. They are not thinking about where their unjust application of the law and their betrayal of simple fair play leads, because that is way above their pay grade.

Like I say: the reason for an equal application of the law -- making your side obey the rules as well as the evil other side -- is that the alternative is injustice. If you bear down on the evil racist sexist homophobes and make them obey the letter of the law but give your own supporters the benefit of the doubt, then you are encouraging your opponents to get angry. That's because applying the letter of the law to the good guys while bearing down on the bad guys is simple injustice. It is what ruling classes all down the ages have tended to do, right up until the rebels besiege the royal palace and the army decides not to shoot the rebels and the king and his henchmen are lucky to get away with their lives, unlike Louis XVI who was really a pretty decent guy, with Marie Antoinette who was nothing more or less than your average Dis-e-ney princess. But Louis XVI ran out of other peoples' money. Never do that.

So this is my declaration of faith. I believe that the liberal "resistance" and the liberal assault on ordinary middle-class white guys, and the unjust assault on male college students, and the assault on non-lefty speakers on campus are all a strategic mistake. Whenever a ruling class starts out on a program of injustice, of beating up it opponents and turning a blind eye to the bullying tactics of its supporters, it is almost always favoring the few at the expense of the many. And it is provoking the many to get together and form a head of rebellion.

And who knows where that will end up. Unless the ruling class is prepared to go full Mao or Stalin and terrorize its opponents.

So yes, our liberal friends are indeed "feckless." They really are clueless. And that is going to cost them.

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