Monday, June 26, 2017

Democrats: Forget Impeachment, It Ain't 1973 Any More

I suppose that if you are a Democrat of a certain age the heady days of the Nixon Impeachment are a golden memory, when the good guys won and the disgusting McCarthyite Nixon got what was coming to him. Remember what he did to Helen Gahagan Douglas!

But I have to tell my Democratic friends that it ain't 1973 any more. The reason is encapsulated in the key moments of the Nixon Impeachment and the Clinton Impeachment, and what we racist sexist homophobes took away from them.

In 1974 the graybeards in the US Senate, Sens. Goldwater (R-AZ) and Scott (R-PA) went to the White House and there joined with Rep. Rhodes (R-AZ). They told President Nixon that he had 12-15 votes against impeachment in the US Senate. So Nixon decided to resign.

In 1998 the President of the Senate, Al Gore, went to the White House right after the Republican House had impeached President Clinton and held a pro-Clinton rally. And so the Senate failed to convict Clinton of high crimes and misdemeanors.

Now if you  are a Democrat, you might think: Ha, just shows you what racist sexist homophobes Republicans were in the 1990s. Back in the good old days, responsible Republicans knew the right thing to do and did it.

Are you  still reading, Democratic friends? If so here is how a Republican like me looks back on this. To me, it looks like Nixon was driven out of office on a technicality, by trying to cover up a stupid crime by his operatives, and the Republican Party leaders -- used to being in the minority for the previous 30 years -- behaved like whipped puppies. But when it came to the Clinton Impeachment it looks like the Democrats took an attitude of my party right or wrong, and defended Clinton to the last ditch. My party right or wrong: is that the same as "my country right or wrong?"

So I look on the present campaign against President Trump as a vile trumped up monstrosity, one half Deep State and one half Democratic oppo researchers. And I expect the Republicans in the House and the Senate to defend Trump to the last man.

I look at Tea Party groups being harassed by the IRS while private-server Hillary Clinton goes free and I want blood. I look at Scooter Libby being dragged through the mire for a confusion about statements to the FBI while corruptocrats like Maxine Waters go free and I want blood.

Like I say, there is no such thing as justice, only injustice. What  I mean by that is that anyone in politics should forget about being the angel of mercy, the agent of justice. Because that is not how the people on the receiving end experience your mercy and justice. So when you are in power and nobly implementing your vision of justice, helping to bend the arc of history, you might spare a thought for the people whose toes you are stomping on. Government is force, and every government program is an expression of force, i.e., injustice. Every legislative act is a statement of "no more Mr. Nice Guy, it is time for brass knuckles and force."

That is why conservatives say that the government is best that governs least. That's a quote from Thoreau, of all people. Imagine lefty liberal environmentalists thinking things like that today!

So I think that liberals are making a strategic mistake by imagining that they are going to impeach Trump and drive him from office. Anyone who isn't living in the liberal bubble is sick to the back teeth of liberal lawlessness, liberal privilege, liberal hate mobs, liberal hypocrisy, liberal injustice, liberal fake news. That's why we voted for Donald Trump to drain the swamp.

It's natural for liberals to be in denial after the shock of November 2016, as it is natural for children to act out after Daddy took the toys away. But it is time for liberals to realize that we deplorables have been electing Ted Cruzes and Donald Trumps for a reason. The reason is that we want our representatives to fight liberal injustice to the knife.

If Republicans were to allow a Trump impeachment and trial it would probably blow up the Republican Party and get it replaced by something else. And believe me, Democrats: you don't want that.

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